Friday, June 17, 2011

Cajeta Again

So, after reading all the comments and cautions from readers AND after getting feedback about the samples I gave to various friends, neighbors and store owners, there has been a slight change in plans.
First, I will be selling the cajeta in smaller jars. I'll save the big jars for my home canning.
I'll can the cajeta in half-pint jars instead.
Cajeta is rather intense in flavor, so most folks only use it as a *special* treat. A smaller jar just makes more sense.
I looked over the laws/restrictions/rules/etc. for selling homemade goods in Texas and in El Paso and I think there is a lot more there than I want to deal with!
Now, I can sell at Farmers Markets without going through all that red tape, I can also sell online with relatively little hassle.
So, I will do online and local (but limited) sales.
Now that I have settled all those issues...
Cajeta bubbling away on my stove, heading for yummy goodness! Still a few hours to go, but the house already smells delicious!
I love my dog, as I have mentioned before.
She is allowed ANYWHERE in the house, except one spot. She cannot get on our bed.
Guess where her favorite spot is?
Guess where I found her when I came in from milking?
I hadn't made the bed yet, and left the door open, so there she was!
And she really doesn't look like she is feeling guilty, either, lol!
Wang, our buck, wandering around the back patio while we were cleaning the pens!


  1. Isn't it sad when all those rules & regs that are "supposed" to help us just end up being nonsense? Let us all know when you get your online store up & running!

  2. Can't wait for your online store, I'd LOVE to try this stuff!


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