Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goat Romping!

This morning I turned the goats loose in the backyard to browse and romp and so I could clean the goat pens.
Happy goat romp was the result!
Pic heavy!
Patches "I'm ready for my close up!"
Champagne and her little doe Cloris, that's Geordi in the background.
Back in the bachelor pen, Geordi and Paulis. Paulis was just separated from Patches (his mom) today, so after he was put in the pen with Geordi  Paulis has been bawling his head off . Paulis (the white goat) is a wether and scheduled to be butchered by the end of the month. Geordi (Gabby's little one) may not get butchered for several months, if at all, due to some medical issues he has had. Not sure we can trust his meat, so I may try to find a home for him as a pet.

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