Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Heat

Yes, the heat is on here...ugh! Hot, hot days!
An oven is a dry heat, too...but I am not gonna crawl into one of them!
As I have noted before, I don't do well in heat. I get ill. I have cramps, I throw up, I get severe headaches. Doesn't matter how much I hydrate, I can drink 3 gallons of water a day and still have these maladies.
I have been this way since infancy, more or less. In cold climates, I thrive. In hot climates, I wilt.
The past few years I have had air conditioning. I always keep my AC on the coldest setting.
However, I do not have that option here. We have evaporation coolers (AKA "swamp coolers") and they cool the house down 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside. Not a big help with temperatures going over 100!
So, in an effort to avoid the worst heat, I have flipped my schedule.
I am getting up between 2 and 3 am, feeding the goats, having breakfast, then milking the goats. I water my garden beds sometime around 3:30 or so,do my housework (except for vacuuming) and generally catch up on the news online, etc.I get the fella off to work and the kids off to school (they have one more day this week and the Girl starts summer school this coming Monday).
I generally finish up with everything around the house by 11 am and then go to bed. With two fans blowing on me. The kids get me up when they come in around 4:30 pm.
I get up and fix dinner then, the fella gets home and I generally go back to bed around 11pm.
Weird schedule, but it is working for me.

I know some people that are seemingly "allergic to the cold". They can't function at all when the temperature drops below 60 degrees.I, on the other hand, rarely put on a sweater until the temperatures dive below 32 degrees. I have been known to go barefoot in the snow!

I guess some people are *cold* people and some are *heat* people.
The fella stopped at the store the other day and found some great sales going on in the meat department.
He got a couple of nice lean pot roasts that were in the *must sell today* bin. And they were also marked "Buy one get one free". It was a deal...a good one.
I repackaged them after he got them home...two pot roasts became the basis for 5 meals! Possibly six...
First things first...a sharp knife, my vacuum sealer and cutting board and the bags for the sealer.

The pot roast cut up. I now have two small pot roasts (each enough for one meal, with possible some left for sandwiches left over), stir fry meat, beef stew meat (I cut meat for stir fry smaller), and some nice thick slices I will marinade and braise for a nice meal.
All sealed up and ready for the freezer!
I am always on the lookout for bargain buys and I guess it has rubbed off on the fella!
I buy hamburger in the big bulk packages and separate it into one meal packages as well.
My garden has suffered from the heat as well...I am having to replant most of it, but we have a very long growing season here, so I guess I will have much bounty come September or so!
The only thing thriving right now are my snowpeas.
They popped up within just a couple of days from when I planted! This was taken when they had been planted less than a week!

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  1. I have the same problem in the heat we have been "holing up" inside with our new Ac unit during the 10am-5pm times unless there has been something major to do like yesterday's chicken coop build. I think I'm one of those "cold" people too, I can do snow in sandals, though I don't care much for the snow touching the bottoms of my feet. I spent this last winter not even wearing a winter coat, it just feels to nice to me.

    It's funny though as I prefer the outside in spring and summer, but my body does better during fall and winter. I hope your plants do better.


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