Friday, March 25, 2011

Various Questions to Ponder

Okay, somebody answer this...
I got up the other day at 0530. Tended to the goats and chickens, made breakfast for the fella, got the kids up and off to school (fixed them breakfast, too) did 4 loads of laundry and hung them on the line , made the bed,  started bread dough, swept and mopped the kitchen, swept and mopped the master bath, cleaned the master bath, punched down the bread dough, went out and gathered eggs, filled the water for the chickens, cleaned out the small goat pen and cleaned out and refilled their water, started some more seeds, thawed out meat for dinner, baked bread, brought in laundry off line, vacuumed living room and den, brought in goats to pen and fed them, fed chickens, folded laundry, greeted the kids when they got home from school, started dinner, greeted the fella when he got home from work and finished fixing dinner.(Average day here)
The fella goes to the bathroom for a bit after dinner, comes out, gives me a smile and says "I put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, didn't know if you would notice.You're welcome!"

My question....uhmmmm... yeah...why did I not go in a corner and bang my head against the wall?
 My unanswered Question of the Universe:
If you step on a dogs tail---even the tiniest bit, the dog freaks out and wails as if it were mortally end up apologizing and comforting said canine with pet-pets and doggie treats. YET, the same dog will stand there and wag it's tail, slamming it against the door jamb or coffee table so hard the house shakes---  with apparently no distress whatsoever.
What is up with THAT!??!?
I currently have "seedling envy" as I see other folks post pics of huge, hale and hearty seedlings ready to go in their gardens. My seedlings are respectable, but some of the pics I see look like the other folks seedlings are Godzillas and my seedlings look like anemic representations of a seedling in comparison! I coddle them. I give them manure tea (not too much). I KNOW my seedlings are fine....but it's like watching the other kids in school becoming Olympic athletes while your own child is the last kid picked for the kickball team.
Well, my seedlings may not look like superstars right now, but they will suit me just fine come harvest time!
How about you? You ever get *seedling envy*?
I have three different varieties of Tomato Seedlings growing.

Ananas Noire Tomatoes (Look how girly-pretty they are! SQUEEEEEEEE!)

And Black Cherry Tomatoes

I am s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o tempted to start another 6 or 7 varieties...but I just don't think I have the room!
Going to maybe buy one or two seedlings of a different variety at the farm store (yes, they get heirloom type seedlings) and maybe grow it in a decorative container.
I love tomatoes so much. I tasted one a friend grew last year that had a definite pineapple flavor. Have tasted others that were lemon-y.
I do hope mine do well this year.
What varieties are you growing this year? How many varieties? Do you have a favorite?
Someone recently asked me "If you could only have TWO kind of animals on a farm, which two would you have?
For me, it would be cows and chickens. More bang for your buck, so to speak.
Besides, I LIKE cows and chickens!
Then they asked...if you could only have ONE animal on a farm.
My weird answer---a good hunting dog!
If I can't raise livestock, I better have a good dog so I can hunt for meat on the table!
How about you?


  1. Seedling betcha! Being I am in zone 5,and I have to read on my favorite forums,all these people that have trees with leaves on them,flowers in bloom,and already out in the garden planting tomatoes....yes,envy..most certainly.....

    My seedlings are just starting to make an appearance under the grow lights.

    I wasn't going to put in a garden this year,but with the prices of everything going up so fast,I figured I'd be dumb not to plant a little something.

  2. My suggestion is to stop feeding your seedings for a bit. They really don't need anything extra in the beginning. I wait until they are about 6" tall before feeding them anything extra.

  3. My question is...what do you do in your spare time? (Don't hit me, don't hit me!)

    Seriously, sounds like you stay pretty busy there on the homeplace! I'm with you on the animals! First choice would be chickens...meat and eggs! That's a win-win!


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