Thursday, March 24, 2011

And This Morning, Peace and Quiet...WTH!??!?

So I woke up this morning at 6am with the alarm going off. I slap the snooze button and lay there listening.
No Gabby bellowing!
A faint clang noise, but no Gabby noise.
The fella said "What's that sound?"
"It's SILENCE" I replied, "Enjoy it!"
"No, that clanging sound, it's annoying"
I roll over and peer out the bedroom window. Wang the billy goat, is gently scratching his head on the fence.
Gabby and the other goats, their legs tucked under them, all seem to be still asleep.
They are ASLEEP! At 0600!!!
It is still pretty dark out.
And then my neighbor flips on his porch light.
Gabby jumps to her feet and begins her plaintive wailing.
I got the goats out to pasture and fed in record time and was outside feeding the chickens when my neighbor came out of his house to feed his dogs.
"Hey Frank, how's it going?"
"Pretty good...didn't hear your goats this morning. Everything okay?"
"Yeah, they are fine. Hey Frank, what time do you usually turn on your porch light?"
"Oh, around 5 am or so. Lupe' (his wife) leaves before I do, heck, she gets up before I do, so she turns it on as she leaves."
My AH-HA! moment arrived.
I went around to where the goats were contentedly munching away on their alfalfa and saw that I had neglected to turn on our front porch light.
Went in the house and flipped it on.
Gabby began her wailing.
Turned off the porch light.
Gabby soon quieted down.

Then my other neighbors towards the front of the property turned on their porch light.
Gabby started up again. And continued until the sun came up.She calmed a little then, though cars going past with their lights on would start her up again.
I remembered that Gabby was unusually quiet last night...then I remembered that one of my neighbors had been visiting friends overnight and she usually keeps her yard light on all night, but since she was not there to turn it on...
Gabby apparently doesn't like it when people turn on lights.
Now that I know the issue, I can come up with a solution.
I think we will move the goat pen to a different corner of the property. We have one section that really isn't within sight of the neighbors.

I don't know why the lights bother Gabby. It just seems that they do.
ALL the goats get noisy when the Army helicopters are flying over (we are kinda under their flight path), but then again, all the neighborhood animals go nuts during the flyovers.
Ditto when they are practicing with the *big guns* over at the range. I can be startled when they start up with those, but after the first 5 or 10 minutes, you tend to filter it out.
It just never occurred to me that flipping on the porch light would freak out the darn goat!


  1. Maybe she is associating lights with food? Who knows, but if it works, that's great! And your neighbors will be happy too!

  2. I laughed out loud at this. HA! :)

  3. Who would've thunk it? At least now you know why Gabby makes all the noise and just by moving the pen, you can help ease the noise.

  4. well I would yell at someone who interrupts my sleep by flipping on a light also! Sounds like that is what she was complaining about!

    yay for finding out what was going on!!! If the neighbors complain now, just tell them that she doesn't like them turning on their porch light so early! so it's THEIR fault! hehehehehehe!

  5. Maybe I should get her one of those old time Hollywood diva sleep masks? LOL!

  6. I would also be upset if someone flipped on the light while I was sleeping! Maybe moving the pen will let her get more sleep.Blessings jane

  7. Maybe she's an enviroMENTAList and is worried about all the carbon....hehehehe

    PS man made climate change is a load of BS! (just incase anyone was wondering what I meant by that)


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