Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beans, Beans and More Beans!

I like beans.
I have a lot of beans in my food storage.
Right now, "a lot" equals about 150 pounds of pinto beans, 50 pounds of Navy beans and 20 pounds of Peruvian beans (they are these nice beige beans that cook up very creamy).
I had chickpeas (garbanzo) and black (turtle) beans, but we ate those all up!
I also want dried kidney beans for our LTS.
Ideally, I'd like to have stored 500 pounds of rice, 500 pounds of various beans and 500 pounds of wheat for our food storage.Almost there on the rice!
I am going to be growing beans this year, but I suspect we'll eat them as fast as we harvest them!
Still trying to find nooks and crannies in the yard to tuck in a few extra plants here and there.
While planning my planting, I have a few things I have to take into consideration, space-wise...
Part of the land was sold, so the fence will be moved, thus cutting my growing area.
We have goats that would adore gobbling up any tender seedlings or unharvested veggies. So, fencing to protect my garden areas will be a priority.
I think I have it pretty well planned out, schematic-wise, for the garden.
At least, it looks good on graph paper!
(It always does, doesn't it....until reality raises it's ugly head?!?)
So, trying to find space to grow various beans...hopefully, I will find enough!
Today is the Girls Birthday! Well, it is actually tomorrow, but we are celebrating it today.
She requested chocolate cake, chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream. A girl after my own heart!
For dinner she wanted me to make a stir-fry and I am thawing out the beef for that.
I got her a movie I know she likes and her dad got her the means to play it (dvd player).'s a secret! Don't tell her!


  1. I also like beans,but we, so far don't eat them as often as we should,that may change in the not so distant future. Happy birthday to your daughter. Blessings jane

  2. I know what you mean about paper vs reality, Lamby. Sometimes I think we should just wing it until we get it right, THEN put it down on paper and save it as a 'plan that actually worked!' LOL

    We want to grow a lot of beans this year too, but how much is a lot? For instance, pinto beans many plants do I need if I want to end up with 20 quarts of beans? Same for green beans. That's my planning snag for this year.

  3. Happy birthday to your girl... I love the little surprises they don't know about. I love beans too, and have quite a few pounds in my pantry, but unfortunately I'm the only one in my family that like's em...

  4. Jane and Ruth...I can't imagine anyone not liking beans! I make hummus out garbanzos, refried beans out of pintos and black beans and sometimes Peruvians. Bean soup, beans and wienies, beans and cornbread...the list goes on!
    WWRWH...GREAT idea! Put in all the garden and THEN do my graph paper plan ! I love it! "See, everybody, turned out *just* how I planned it..."


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