Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goat Problems...

If you have goats and can helpme with this issue, please reply in the comments!
We have goats.
The majority of them are fairly even tempered adorable animals.
And then there's Gabby...

Remember Gabby?

Gabrielle was the first goat to give birth here at Frippery Farm (our informal name for this little place).
Gabby never, but NEVER shuts up. And she is LOUD!!!
The rest of the goats will be peacefully sleeping at 5 am or 5:30 am and Gabby will decide it is time for them--and us---and the whole neighborhood--to wake up RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW!!!
I swear she talks in her sleep, even.
She wakes up the rooster and chickens. She wakes up the dogs next door. She wakes up the other goats.
She wakes up us and the neighbors, too. Most don't complain, although Frank (our neighbor with the dogs) has offered us several great goat BBQ recipes.(A hint maybe?)
There is absolutely nothing physically wrong with her. Had her checked by the vet. Perfectly healthy he said.
Gabby is just, well, GABBY!
Tried giving her a little extra grain and hay...nope...she bellowed with her mouth full...although that muffled it a touch. Tried separating her from the other goats, she bellowed louder (something I thought was not possible).
I brush her, I milk her, I talk to her in soothing tones.
Nothing has worked.
Is she simply a whiner and complainer of the goat world?
A diva that thinks she is not getting her due?
I don't know.
I like my goats...but Gabby is making it very hard to like her.
Any suggestions? Has anyone else out there had a goat that simply won't shut the heck up?


  1. I admit I giggled a bit when reading this, especially your neighbor sharing BBQ goat recipes.*wink*

    I presonally can offer no advice, since we are just thinking about getting into goats, but I sure hope we don't get one as Gabby as yours, our neighbors would be very mad, especially since several already sit around thinking up ways to cause trouble for others*sigh*

    Hope you find an answer :o)

    Blessings for your day,

  2. Perhaps you shouldn't have named her Gabby?

    Some goat breeds are just noisy,what breed or cross is she?

  3. If anyone has a solution please share! I have been keeping a friends goats until they kid and one of them is the same. She NEVER shuts up and along with that she climbs on top of a goat house jumps over and down to the ground of a 6 foot fence so she can bellow at the chickens. I named her Hound Dog because she sounds just like one baying at the mooon. I so wanting her owners to take her home this weekend. The neighbors, rest of the animals and me will be doing the happy dance as she goes down the drive. LOL

  4. Lamb, I feel for ya, I really do. I have a billie like that, he is truly annoying. I did get a small amount of improvement out of him by tying him next to the ladies pen on the outside. Alpines are noisy buggers ;)

  5. I say this in the most gentle way possible, but perhaps they're just goats and not children? Why do you have these goats? What's the purpose here? Having been your neighbor before I can say that you are not creating good will. Just some carefully worded thoughts.

  6. EN, I KNOW they are goats and not children! We milk our goats. The milk is used for drinking, baking and making yogurt---and when we have enough production, we'll be making cheese as well.
    I also use the goat manure in compost. So, the goats are here for a purpose, not as pets!
    Don't know where we were neighbors....refresh my memory? (At least tell me the state, lol!)

    Leera, she is an Alpine/Nubian cross---we think. The guy we bought her from has a rather *mixed bag* of goats--everything from Nigerian Dwarf to Toggenbergs to Boers.But his main buck is a Nubian (huge one, too!) and the mother goat of this one is an Alpine.

    Peggy...Noisy AND a *jumper*? Ugh! I feel for you! I think if Gabby was a jumper as well as being loud I would be tearing my hair out!

    Kelle, think if we renamed her *Whisper* it would help? LOL!

  7. LOL! when my grandson gets really REALLY loud, I whisper in his ear and he shuts right up and listens then whispers back to me....

    ...can't hurt. hahahahaha!

  8. Oh dear. Don't have noise solutions byt as for neighbourly goodwill how about giving them some cheese or yoghurt and explaing that if she wasn't such a good milker she'd be roast.

  9. Well I can tell from experience,Boers are noisy,and from what I've been told so are Nubians...sounds like she just got the noisiest genes from them both. :)


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