Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another...

So, having finally semi-completed my new kitchen table top last night, I wandered over to ebay to look at fabric to cover the kitchen chairs with.
Big mistake when I actually have some money in my paypal account!
I realized while looking at upholstery fabric that I needed some plain muslin for another, I found some...on shipping. Okay, ordered that. While I am at it, I really could use a new pair of scissors..  Found a pair I had eyed at the local fabric store, half the price the store was charging! And free shipping...
Hmmm...I wonder if anyone has a pattern for a wrap around apron like my grandmother had?
H-e-e-e-e-y-y-y-y-y...that one is sooooo cute! And free shipping! *click*
Hmmm...the lady with the pattern also sells heirloom seeds...*browse, browse, browse*
Oh, baby, you had me at "free shipping"!
*click, click, clickety-click*
Check paypal to see how much money I have left....
OooooooOOoohhhh...I still have some money left!
Fabric again, still haven't found the *perfect* fabric for the kitchen chairs.
*browse, browse, browse*
Well, look at that fabric, it would be perfect for a quilt I am planning...put on watch list. Hah! Resisted the urge to buy it! Besides..they didn't have free shipping...
Oh yea...maybe I should look at some more seeds...still trying to find those *black* Russian tomatoes that Bakers Seeds sold out of...
*browse, browse, browse*
THERE they anyone selling them with free shipping? No? Okay...what's the cheapest packet cost....not bad, 25 seeds, 1 dollar, 69 cents shipping...I'll go for that. *click*

I finished the night with 6.29 left in my paypal account.
I checked my ebay and saw all I bought.
Many  ahem...Several packets of seeds, 3 patterns, a pair of scissors, plain muslin and....yeah, quilt fabric (*blush*).
I feel like I have an ebay hangover.
And I still didn't find the fabric for the chairs...

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