Friday, February 18, 2011

Suspicious of Spring Weather Here...and other things

It has been SO warm here! It reached 80 degrees the other day, a record even for our desert clime in February.
But I am kinda suspicious...
I have been in this situaton before; lovely Spring-like weather, my gardeners heart starts going pitty-pat and I set out plants and/or seedlings and then:
The area gets hit with a cold front that drops the temperatures into the single digits for 3 days straight and I lose everything...
No, no. I am not going to be lulled into a false sense of Spring by these warm temperatures! Oh, yeah, I am wearing shorts already, but I can always switch back to my jeans, but I cannot *switch back* after putting out fragile little seedlings!
But it is sooo tempting right now!
In other news, Patches the goat remains stubbornly pregnant.
The vet is of the opinion that we miscalculated her breeding date, thus throwing off her due date.
All I know is that the little thing looks like a furry barrel with legs and if she doesn't give birth soon, she'll probably explode!
Speaking of goats...I got rather amused the other day when a friend came by to visit, and Geordi, our buck kid, decided to test his climbing skills on her car.She scolded him and told him "Down, get DOWN!", then turned to me and said "Does he understand English or should I tell him in Spanish?"
As I told her..."He understand *goat* and *feed-bucket*!" I picked up a feed bucket and went to the pen and Geordi ran in happily. I gave him one handful of feed and left him there, separate from the adult goats, who don't climb on cars!
The chickens have fallen into a rhythm of laying 6 or 7 eggs a day (collectively).This makes me VERY happy!
Margarite is still in her *blue* period, so we have such a nice variety of different colors of eggs.
Red the rooster still hates all humans. Especially me.
Good news this morning as I was typing this post...One of my sons called and announced that he and his girl friend are now engaged! This will be the first one of my sons to get married! My son said the wedding will be in October, I am kinda hoping for the birthday!
Hope you are all having a good morning!

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  1. Congrats to your son. It was in the mid 60s for about ten days. But on Tuesday it got a tad cloudy and colder. It started raining on Wednesday and has been raining and snowing at night since then. It's cold, wet and miserable and I hardly want to go outside... and the power keeps going off, usually when I'm trying to watch a movie or do something on the puter. Of course it's a waste to hook up the generator when the power's just going to be off for a matter of hours or overnight at worse, so I'm suffering from off and on power, irritating cold and Spring looks a long ways away.


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