Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Shiny Button!

If you noticed, or even if you haven't, there is a cute picture of a wee lamb over to the left.
I am going to put up some items for sale in the near future and I may be making a major life change the End of August, Beginning of Sept. and I am going to need all the funds I can get to do it! (More about that in a post--coming soon!)
I used a *donate* button rather than a *merchant* button just in case some good hearted person out there feels generous enough to toss me a few bucks to help.(I know, I know, we are ALL broke right now--but I figured it wouldn't hurt!) No, donations are NOT tax deductible.

Some of the items I will be putting up for sale (no auctions, everything will be reasonably priced!) will be baby quilts, books, artwork, attractive (I hope to others!) wall decorations-room accents-bric-a-brac, clothes,fabric, first aid supplies for your FAK or BoB and gear. By "gear", I mean useful items for camping, hiking, hunting preparedness, etc. I will figure in the cost of shipping on each item when I price it. A few items I will send via UPS or Fed. Express due to their size or fragility.

The first items will be posted the second week in August. It will be first come, first served!
So wait and watch for the explanation and the items!

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