Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Bit of a Change Here...

I usually don't get too much into personal issues or my personal life here, other than prepping and recipes and such...but that is going to change a bit. I am also going to be able to take more photos, as my room mate has a camera that he is willing to let me borrow.

Now, I said I will be having a few changes in my life, and I will. The main one was advocated by Thoreau:
"Simplify, simplify, simplify!"
That is what I am doing with my life. Some may choose to call it *down-sizing*.
I won't be disposing of those things I consider prudent for me to keep, of course. But I have noticed, since moving to smaller quarters, that I sometimes have too much of many good things!For example, I have about 45 home made tote bags...good for shopping--I carry home my groceries in them! Great for tossing in the car for going on long trips--attractive little trash bags or to put sandy beach clothes in, etc.I have baby quilts I made simply for the fun of it, or for gifts--and I didn't get them finished in the time I was finished with one, the child was out of diapers!
Anyway...those are a few of the items that I will have up for sale starting the second week of August.
I am just starting to get over-whelmed by the sheer volume of stuff I have!

I, I NEED a Zen quality calm in my life. All this stuff just feels chaotic.
I went through this before when I was managing the rooming house...pretty bad when I consider that *just* as I got my room absolutely perfect for me, I lost my job there!
Ah, well, I do hope whomever got the room is enjoying the pale gray walls and white trim I so carefully painted!
So, tonight, I continue *weeding* the un-necessaries from my living space and putting them in a storage closet under the eaves so I can catalog them in preparation for my *virtual garage sale* as a friend of mine has taken to calling it!

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