Monday, July 5, 2010

Kind of a blue day...

I am having one of *those* days.
My urban gardening is going crappy.
I am behind in my sewing.
I haven't found a new job.
The ride to the store today has not yet materialized.
I have WAY too much housework to do today.
And I just feel grumpy.

Isn't much I can do about the ride or the job (other than go out and put forth another dozen or so applications) and my poor plants are struggling despite my best efforts.
I can get the housework done...maybe some of the sewing.
We all have days like this, when we get into a *blue mood* and can't seem to struggle out of it.

My solution today will be:
Allow myself one *treat*...for me, that will be a horrible-for-my-health soda, play some bouncy music REALLY LOUD and take the dog on a long walk.

Tomorrow...back to the grind...

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