Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preps after a move...and a Scavenger Hunt!

So, I moved almost two weeks ago, and, as hurricane season starts in less than a month here, I am busting my butt trying to get prepped for it.
I have to bottle water...I figure 40 gallons drinking water and 60 gallons *other* water (but still potable) for each person , PLUS, 10 gallons water for the two dogs (each).
I am on the third floor of this building, so plastic to cover windows in case of breakage is looming large in my plans.One of my room mates works at a fast food joint and has been able to scavenge a few things...buckets, etc that will come in handy--just in case.

Speaking of scavenging, my room mate is a scavenger par excellence! Our first couple of days here, he rode his bicycle past a place that was being cleaned out and found 2 five gallon buckets full of perfectly lovely dishes! I washed them up and they are now in the kitchen cabinet. He also found a 3 gallon stew pot (or gumbo pot) and a love seat that he toted home on his back, much to the entertainment of our new neighbors!

Bit by bit, we are furnishing this place!

I have no problem snatching up someone else's discarded household saves me money and because it doesn't end up going to the local landfill, it is good for the environment.

So...this weekend, besides doing a bit of "curb-shopping", I plan to start bottling water for our prepping.
I hope all your preps for the coming season are going well!

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