Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trying to Understand it all...the Gulf Oil Spill

Okay...here's what I do know, between press releases from BP and the US gov't., the main stream media, various web sites I go to and forums I visit.....

BP has lied consistently about the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf.
So has the gov't.
The disaster is MUCH bigger than we are being led to believe.

Fishing and seafood harvesting of anything is done--as is D-O-N-E---from Louisiana's barrier islands to the coastlines of La., Ms. Al. and probably the Gulf Coast of Florida.
Seafood industry in the entire Gulf is either threatened, shut down or will be shortly.
The economic impact of this will be catastrophic--and NOT just in the Gulf.
Fishermen, oystermen, charter sport fishing ship captains/crews, seafood processors, tourist industry workers and employers, pleasure ship builders, restaurant owners/workers, etc and so on will all be affected. They can't make money, they can't pay their bills, mortgages, car payments, etc., which translates to more folks defaulting on mortgages, declaring bankruptcy or just walking the hell away from their debts because there is nothing else they can do. Those that have vacation homes on the Gulf Coast may well walk away from those properties as well. Who wants a view of a beach covered with blobs of oil and dead fish and marine mammals?

This will be a HUGE financial impact on the south-eastern United States.
And like the oil spill, that impact will spread..faster in some sectors of the national economy, slower in others, but it WILL spread.

Additionally, if you are not aware, the "Top Kill" solution will be attempted tomorrow morning by BP. It is estimated (by THEIR engineers) that it only has a 60 to 70 % chance of success. The back-up plans include a *debris dump and cover* and the side wells to draw off pressure (which cannot be attempted until August according to all reports).

There was a meeting in Houston, consisting of a group of men including Richard Garwin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Garwin ) and four other nuclear physicists mulling over the Deep Water Horizon oil spill/leak and the possibility/advisability of using a nuclear device to stop/seal the torrential leak. They were gathered to this meeting by Stephen Chu (Obama's Energy Secretary).
That's right, they are considering a nuclear solution.
FEMA, by reports I have read, is poised to direct mass evacuations of Tampa and other populated areas of Florida's Gulf Coast in the event that a more extensive "burn off" of the oil on the surface is attempted. The cloud of toxic smoke would, (if current climate and tidal conditions continue) drift directly into the Tampa area.

We are expecting severe thunderstorms to pass through Beaumont Thursday...the storms are expected to go through the weekend and to pass across the southeast and the Gulf as well. What effect this will have on the efforts to contain the spill are unknown.

I am personally thinking that this event...the oil spill, may be the last straw on the financial camels back as far as the US economy is concerned.

This is bigger than Katrina in the financial whammy it will deal to the economy and yet, I don't hear people screaming about it.

Where will the money come from for clean up?
Where will the money come from for the tourist and fishing industries?
Where will the money come from for evacuations?

BP will not be able to cover all this...and even if the US gov't. sues for monies expended to handle this disaster, it will take YEARS for it to be negotiated and/or move through the courts.

I guess what I want to discuss, is this event *the* event that will start the domino's falling? Yes, I know, other events in the past may have actually started the domino's falling, but I guess I mean--Is this the event that is irrecoverable from...is this the event that will start the spiraling down into the SHTF?

Prepping for this scenario boggles the mind.
If you are in the Gulf Coast area (as I am) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR BUG-OUT-BAG READY!!!
Have ample drinking water stored in case you have to "bug in".
Get ahold of some gold or silver (junk silver, i.e., old US coins are a good form) in case there is a sudden currency collapse.
Check and re-check your home security, especially if you have to "bug in".
If you have fire arms, make sure they are cleaned and ready for use. Store a little extra ammo---just in case.

Get respiratory masks for all members of your family. Even doubling up "painters masks" are better than nothing.
Watch news reports carefully. Pay attention to details around you...are you seeing FEMA vehicles in your area? Has the National Guard in your area been called in suddenly? Are you seeing more military vehicles in your area?

Am I being paranoid?
Maybe...but an ounce of paranoia is worth a few tons of cure right now!
Prepare yourself, prepare yourself, PREPARE YOURSELF!

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