Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Move is done!

I am all moved in to my new apartment.
Moving 3 people and 2 dogs is NOT a fun activity.
My dog, Siona, adapted well. She enjoyed the ride in the friends car and investigated every nook and cranny of our new home with enthusiasm, before plopping down on (my) bed and taking a nap.
My room mates dog, Martini, didn't adapt as well.
'Tini, as she is called, ran from room to room, panic stricken. My room mate and her owner was at work. She sniffed around a bit and located his clothes and snuggled up to them, whimpering piteously. Then she ran around the apartment some more, slamming into a few walls along the way. The general consensus is that this dog is too stupid to feel pain, so, don't worry about her being bruised up or anything from her full body contact with walls....doors...or suffering detrimental effects from her ill advised foray off the fire escape. (We are on the third floor). Tini is fine now, and after a full week here has adapted to her situation well. Except she now leans against the front door and moans whenever her owner leaves for work...

Good things about my new apartment...
It has a huge pantry/storage area.. The fire escape will serve well for container gardening, and, being on the third floor with VERY steep stairs means only the most determined visitors come up to see us. The neighbors are quiet, our place cannot be readily seen from the street and we have ample room for all of us. The rent is reasonable for this area and I am away from the chaos of the rooming house. WAY more privacy here!

The worst thing ...the stairs. Those stairs were designed with mountain goats in mind, not my stubby legs! I carried groceries upstairs this morning and I can already see that my shopping trips will be partially decided by consideration of the stairs.
As in "Hmmm...can I actually carry this up those stairs?" Or, "Can I con one of my room mates to carry this up those stairs?"

I guess the stairs will be just another thing to adapt to for me...if I get used to them, I can always take up mountain climbing!

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