Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Political Season

While across the country most dream of Spring, the political season is in full swing. Some call it The Silly Season.
If you watched the Republican debate in South Carolina last I haven't decided which political candidate to support or vote for. But last night, it was made patently clear who I would NOT support or vote for.
Those men squabbled like children. It became actually embarrassing to watch!
Trump made the cardinal sin of insulting Jeb Bush's family including his mama in the SOUTH! In public! Personally, if Bush had punched Trump at that point, or invited him to a *private conference* in the parking lot, he would have been justified. (Hell, in some communities up *in the hills*, Trump could have been shot and nobody would have said *boo*)
Trump came across as a full, complete ass. With his attitude and arrogance, he completely lost the entire South last night.
I did get a laugh when Rubio said Cruz didn't speak Spanish, and then Cruz immediately started speaking to Rubio in Spanish. Rubio looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock.

Kudos to Carson and Kacich for not getting drawn into the verbal melee.
My opinion, for whatever it is worth?
I think our next President has already been selected.
I hope like hell I am wrong.
I think it will be Hillary.
Before you scream and shout...look at what is happening. She committed  crimes as First Lady. (Remember her fingerprints all over FBI documents? Perjury in front of Congress?), she committed crimes as Secretary of State (top secret documents in her emails...).
If ANYONE else of any party had done all that she has done, they would have been charged with massive felonies.
She is being protected.
Because the powers behind the curtain have made the deals and they want her in the Executive office.
This may change if she breaks the deal she has made or pisses off the wrong people, but, as it stands today, yeah, I feel she has been selected.


  1. first let me tell you that twocentsworth is back up and running! I think Bernie Sanders who looks like the crypt keeper from "tales from the darkside" would make a great President if he lived long enough. He has always supported the little guy. Old, disabled, veterans. I don't think he can win because I agree with you that the fix is in and the next President has already been selected. Country is going to hell on a fast track now. God damned shame. I was waiting for Jeb Bush to clobber trump. I would have had a heart attack laughing and rolling around on the floor!

    1. Jeb looked like he WANTED to punch Trump. Hell, I would have!

  2. I've said all along that Hillery will be prez. Signed sealed and delivered. Fired from the Watergate investigation for being a crook and hasn't improved in all these years.

    1. She is a known criminal. For all their criminal enterprises, she and Bill should have been charged and convicted under the RICO act.

  3. I don't think I'll vote this time around, the rest of you can pick the next preznut.

    1. Votes aren't going to matter. The fix IS in and we just are all sitting around waiting for the announcement.

  4. The media has clearly elected Hillary. Watch the evening news: Hillary gets coverage first and longest. The body language of the reporter is upbeat. Then the minimal coverage of the others comes on and the body language changes to glum. The exception is Ben Carson: the media could dig up zero mud on him so responded with a total blackout of any coverage.

  5. The next president was signed, sealed, trained, and is waiting for delivery to finish what Obama started. I've been saying this for two years.

  6. I'm all for a female preznut but Hillary makes my dick limp. :-)


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