Thursday, February 18, 2016

Plans Solidifying

I have a place to stay once I get back to New Hampshire!
It is a *camp* with no electricity or plumbing. No running water at all on the property, you carry water from a spring about 2 miles away, in fact.
The *camp* has been used as storage and a tool shed, it is only about 8 x 12 feet. So, a tiny house for me!
It will need a lot of cleaning up and a few things fixed, but I think I can make it work.
I plan on joining the gym in town, I can take showers there. And, if I need, there is a laundromat in town as well. I can always find a washtub and use a clothes line.
I think I can put in a fairly cheap rain catchment system and some passive solar hot water heating by the end of June to alleviate the water hauling/heating issue.
I'll have electricity via a couple of extension cords from the other house on the property initially.
I'll have to find a small wood stove for heating in the winter. So, there's that. But I think I can find one fairly cheaply.
I have some room to garden there. And have chickens, too! I may even be able to eventually (hold your breath) have a couple of goats!
I'm actually pretty excited about this! I plan on going up there in around a month, month and a half.
A new adventure!

Now, I know some folks will be confused as to why I would even want to move back to New Hampshire. Bad memories and whatnot, you are thinking.
Here it is:
I LOVE New Hampshire. I LOVE New England.
All the places I have lived, all the places I have visited, it is the ONE place that when I first went there I felt This is HOME.
I don't know how else to explain it.
I find it absolutely magical there. In EVERY season (yes, in Winter, too). I made loads of good friends there. I love the way the air smells of spruce in the mornings. The beauty of the lupine and other wildflowers that bloom outrageously in the Spring. The deer and moose that casually wander through yards...they really know it is their land, not yours!
Everyone has a place that their heart calls "Home".
New Hampshire is that place for me!


  1. A hint for laundry... a 5 gallon bucket and a plunger (preferably new) will do wonders on washing and then rinsing clothing. Water and soap in the bucket, clothes in, they get "plunged", empty bucket, put fresh water in and plunge clothes again. Also, find some of those little yard solar lights, they'll provide you with some light in the evening. It sounds like a grand adventure, good for you.

  2. "I don't know how else to explain it."

    Well, there ya go.

    I've lived off grid a number of times and what you need is a composting toilet, it is cheap to make your own, less than 20 bucks and you can put the compost on the garden.

    I have a shower at this time but I only shower about three or four times a year, it isn't hard to keep yourself clean enough.

  3. If propane is cheap enough there you will also want to get a propane heater.


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