Sunday, April 12, 2015

Well, That Was Fun....Not!

Excuse my absence for the past couple of weeks.
I paid my internet bill on the day it was due. HOWEVER our provider didn't post it to their account until the next day and because that made my payment late....
Yeah, they turned off my internet.
So, I had to post yet another deposit AND wait until one of their service guys could come back out and turn it back on.
Plus, I was arguing with the idiotic insurance company representative about the accident.
Their adjuster decided my beloved van was totaled. Totaled!
I think it could be repaired for under $1000.oo and be in wonderful shape for another 3 to 5 years.
But, n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o....
So, tomorrow, I have to talk to their guy about how much money they will pay me for my van.
Until then, I'll catch up on my blog reading.
Spring has sprung, it's 50 degrees outside!


  1. After you have settled with the insurance company, maybe you can buy your van back from them and repair it yourself.

    1. This particular insurance company does not let you buy back a vehicle due to *liability issues*.

  2. That sucks. Hopefully the amount will be enough to get you a good vehicle & maybe have some left over.
    It would be nice if insurance companies could be put in their place a little. They have way more power than they should. Just my opinion.
    At least you're finally getting to enjoy spring :)


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