Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Bring Everyone Up To Date...

What a month! Everything that could happen has happened!
Lost 2 alpacas, one rooster.
Okay...I can deal with that. It sucks, but I can deal.
Then...a car wreck. Some idiot passed me on a double yellow line as I was in the middle of a turn into my driveway and ripped off my bumper, bent my tie rod and various other small damages.
So, been dealing with that and the insurance company, etc.
A cousin of the Darlin' Man passed away the start of the month. He was only 49, but he had abused drugs and alcohol from a young age. He died of cirrhosis.
Then last Friday my Uncle George died. He was 88, he and his wife had been married 67 years, almost 68.
Uncle George was the last of his generation in our family. He out-lived all of his siblings. And was the longest lived of any of the men in his family as long back as we can trace! He had a long life and, according to those who were there, seemed "ready to go". He asked to be helped with a bath, saying; "I need to be clean, I'm not going dirty!", got his pajamas on, laid down in bed, sighed and was gone. A peaceful passing.
Then yesterday, the Darlin' Mans son called to announce the birth of his first, a boy.
The Darlin' Man is now a Grandpa!
The Darlin' Man will be going down there this weekend to meet his new grandson.
Life goes on!
The past couple of days were vicious cold, but today we will be in the 30s, tomorrow in the 40s (YAY!!!).
Spring comes...a little later than most folks out there, but Spring does arrive nonetheless.
This morning:

Champagne with her private spot.
Uhmm...it's Spring, why is there snow still here!?

Champagne graciously shares with Mambo the sheep.

Chaser, our new buck!


  1. Things in your life took the whole "out like a lion" seriously.
    But at least they came in like a lamb, a tiny little baby boy who will bring your man countless joy. Can't beat that.
    Hope your spring proves better than this winter has for you hun. :)

  2. Well at least your month is ending well!

  3. Lamb,

    I'm happy to see it's starting to warm a bit up there for you.

    Sending Prayers to you and your family for your loss.
    A big congratulations to you and your Darlin' Man for being grand parents.

  4. I am not sending prayers for your loss. I think that is silly. I do send my sincerest condolences however . Sincerest congratulations on the new grand baby. Glad you weren't hurt in the car mishap.Take care of yourself dear Lamb! the rat

  5. Hey Gwen; Everyone should be as Lucky as your Uncle George! A long, Happy life. Congrat's on the new Grandson! FYI- Grey colour in alpacas is really rare and highly sought after. Worth quite a bit of money. Oh and in case you didn't already know alpacas die from no apparent cause for everyone who raises them.What is the price for Orchard grass hay (bale) where you live? $23.00 a bale here in Humboldt,CA. I do get Organic "Bar-Ale" pellets for $ 20.00 a bag in Willow Creek,CA. You also might want to find a book called "Cloudburst 2" edited by Vic Marks It's out of print but probably avail. online in pdf. Similar to Foxfire and Whole Earth Catalog.

    1. Prepare to drop your jaw....Bales of hay here (2 string, but big bales)$4.00 . Yup. Looking for alfalfa? $6.00 for 2 string. I know, right!? Animal feed is also cheap here. I couldn't believe it when I moved up here!


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