Thursday, August 21, 2014


Took me a couple of weeks to get internet set up, sorry about that!
But we are here.
No plumbing for the first week, so I had to rent a port a potty. Had to put up a corral for the animals and the rooster and his hens are still in temporary quarters in the garage.
But at night, I hear the river chuckling and dancing over the rocks and that lulls me to sleep.
The air is cooler here (thank goodness!) and more humidity, so I feel better.
The house is definitely a fixer upper. We got enough of the plumbing fixed up to live on the second floor for the time being.
So many projects, so little money, lol!
But little by little, we will get it done!
I should be able to post pics on my next post.


  1. Welcome to NH. I love it up here.

  2. Lamb,

    Good to hear you and yours arrived okay at your new home. It will take time to get it exactly the way you want.......and that's okay.

    Enjoy the cooler air, and the river close by.
    I look forward to seeing pictures in the future.

  3. I am happy that things are working out so far. I am so glad to be back in MN and out in the country. Can't wait to hear of your adventures ahead.

  4. Congrats! Glad to hear from you and looking forward to hearing about all the new adventures :)

  5. So glad to hear from you. Sounds like you're having what we call in our family "an adventure"! Blessings to you that all will go well and you'll find the peace and contentment you've longed for. Have fun.


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