Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Night in El Paso!!!

Everything that could be packed is packed. A friend and my son are driving it up to NH.
My other son is flying up with me. All of us leave at 6 am.
So...posts will be a little sparse for a bit.
Follow me on twitter or if we are friends on facebook, look for my posts there.
My next great adventure starts now!


  1. Good luck :) Look forward to you posting again when you're settled in your new home...

  2. Lamb,

    Yay, time to hit the road. Be careful, and safe. Can't wait to hear updates when you get settled in to your new place.

  3. if you want us to follow you on twitter or facebook, you should put the links so we can FIND you! LOL! have a safe trip!!!


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