Sunday, June 15, 2014


Well, we are in a bit of a bidding war for the house we want in New Hampshire.
No one has even LOOKED at this house for a year. A YEAR!
The same week I looked at it, someone else did.
And the banker making the decision is apparently, very casual about getting back to my real estate agent.
So...we had to *up* our bid.
And, hopefully, we will hear something Monday.
If the bank guy doesn't take another long weekend.
In other news...
I finally caved and got a *smart* phone. I got one of the *no contract* ones,
I think the darn thing is way smarter than I am!
I am getting used to all the functions, etc., but invariably, I push the wrong icon at the wrong time and I end up suddenly with a screen I don't understand doing a function that I didn't want it to do.
But I did download a free game and I can happily kill time playing mah-jong.


  1. Good luck on the house. I still like the "NCIS Gibbs" flip phone.

  2. Hope you get some good news quick on the house.
    As for the phone, lol, it had to happen some time. If you have too much trouble with it find a teenager. :D

  3. Lamb,

    I hope this banker hurry's up and provides you with the answer you're looking for. Good Luck!

  4. Not sure I'd believe the realtor that someone else looked at that house. When we bought our cabin the selling realtor said he rec'd another bid the same day as ours, did we want to up it. The place had been for sale for over 6 months and now all of a sudden they have two offers?? Since we were offering the sales price we said no, we were not going to raise it. Of course there was no other bid so ours was accepted. What a jerk. We weren't going to play their games. Good luck with your purchase!


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