Monday, June 23, 2014

House Update

Okay, here it is.
We got the house! And at over 13 thousand UNDER list price!
I finally called my real estate agent and told her: "Here is my final offer. This is IT. No more negotiations.Not a dime more. If the bank chooses to accept my offer, they better do it fast, because I will withdraw this offer next Tuesday at 5pm, New Hampshire time. Then I will look elsewhere"
I also sent her an email saying the same thing.
I did that last Thursday.
I got a call back Friday around noon.unnel.

My realtor had printed out the email and put it in front of the banker, telling him, "My client is serious. If you think you will get a better price, you are kidding yourself."

The bank agreed.
Closing will take about 30 days. Which means another gawdawful hot July here in El Paso. But at least I can see a blazing light at the end of this tunnel.
So happy!
We are packing carefully. I am going through boxes that the Darlin' Man hasn't unpacked in EIGHT years!
A LOT is going in the trash.
I am going to have a yard sale. There is an amazing amount of stuff I am not going to take.
We are minimizing what we are taking with us. And what we are leaving unpacked until the last minute.
One plate, spoon, knife and fork for each of us. One bowl for each. One glass for each. One saucepan, one frying pan and the big pan that we make tea in. The tea pitcher. A couple of big spoons and pancake turners for cooking. The rest of the kitchen is almost packed.
Most of our clothes are packed. We are each keeping out enough clothes for one week and then washing the clothes we keep out every six days. One towel for each.
I need more boxes for the books...we have sooooo many. And movies. And CDs.
Well, at least I have a month to pack!


  1. So glad you got it, especially since it mans you will be able to leave Texas for good.
    The amount of stuff you accumulate that you really don't need is amazing. I had quite a few boxes that went to friends who needed it because I had so much "junk". I've still got boxes & bags of things we don't need that I've got to donate, plus the extra kitchen items I'm packing for the kiddo when she's ready to move out.
    On one hand I don't envy you because moving is a pain, literally, but since this is (hopefully) the last time you'll move, totally worth it :) So happy for you, really. Now, get the heck out of Texas woman!

  2. Congrats! Having been a Realtor (and reason for LEAVING that particular field was because of the dishonesty & back-stabbing involved in that field), I can tell you that stuff like that goes on all the time....even in our hick town. I remember when we were packing up to come down to our homestead....boxed everywhere, one chair, one table, mattress on the floor....but get 'er done & get to your new home :)

  3. Lamb,

    Congratulations...........You've got the house!!!! Woooohooo, I'm so happy for you and your family. Now it's packing time and that's no darn fun.
    Before you know it, you'll be up in cooler temperatures.

  4. Good for you both. Now some time honored wisdom, That month will fly by so fast that it will seem like an hour ago. We have been back in MN for 14 months and I swear we moved back home a month ago. Enjoy your new digs. First thing you need to do is get warmer clothes and a good shovel for the snow coming soon. LOL


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