Sunday, May 25, 2014

Onward and Upward....Within a Week!

Everything is in place...the LLC, the money, etc.
Within a week I will be up north looking at properties!
I plan on taking my camera, minimal other supplies and a few new(er) outfits so I will make a good impression on the realtor.
I am nervous, excited, scared by the enormity of my task and just plain anxious!

I have my checklist of what to look for in a property:
Ample living space and storage space.
Water. A well is best. If on city or county water, make sure a well can be (legally) dug.
Check the roof.
Check the gutters.
Look in the attic.
Look in the basement.
Check the foundation.
Check out plumbing and wiring.
If there are barns or outbuildings, check for structural integrity.
Make sure there is NO asbestos in any buildings.
Make sure land is well drained.
Look at vegetation (grass, etc) to see if it is healthy.
Look at dirt at various parts of land to ascertain soil health.

The realtor is gonna hate me!

Any other things I should put on my checklist?


  1. Lamb,

    And that is why a realtor get's his/her commission. Work him/her to the bone girl. This will be your next home and you want it to be exactly as planned. Good Luck!!!!

  2. Ask to see print out of the last years utility bills and homeowners insurance.

  3. Sounds like you've got this all well in hand lady. Wish you the best of luck, I just know you'll find that one place that screams "Home".


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