Sunday, May 11, 2014

Colliding Dreams...

My ideal homestead would be 20 to 40 acres with a decent barn and several sheds. An old Victorian house to fix up. A stream going through the property. A small orchard.
You know, EVERYBODY'S impossible dream!
The Darlin' Man's dream...a cabin with no running water or electricity a gazillion miles from the nearest town. An outhouse. No bedrooms, just a sleeping loft. Lot's of trees to cut down for building materials and firewood.
Somehow we have to find a compromise. I NEED  running water at this point in my life! And a bathroom, dammit! We are moving NORTH. It can get to -30 in New Hampshire and loads of snow...and he expects my 50+ year old butt to wander out in the middle of the night to an outhouse? And they have bears there!
So....yeah. We really, really need to find a compromise.
Or...he could just give in!  :)
I know we can't afford what I want, but I know we can afford more than what he wants.
So, we send pictures of listings back and forth in emails.
I still have to go up there and actually buy the we have it down to about 6 different properties. Unless our real estate agent pulls out a surprise listing at the last minute, we will get one of the six. I have my favorites and the Darlin' Man has his.
I think it will come down to price. But I will make sure the place has running water!


  1. Can both of your 50+ butts climb up into a loft safely in the years to come? Can either of you hurry down that loft ladder to go to an outhouse of compost toilet before you dribble on yourselves or fall down the ladder? By the time I reached 50, climbing up into anything was not in my future. Now, at almost 68, getting on and off the bed is a good workout. Stop by my blog someday when I have it up and running again. I cannot wait to see your property prospects.

  2. Oh, I meant to say, Daddy was always threatening to move us all, five kids and my mother to a place where we could carry water, heat with wood, and use lanterns. Believe me, I would have left home because life was rough just living with him, besides being totally isolated from the world. He had no ideas of even an outhouse of composting toilet. A bucket was his plan. And, all of us sleeping in one room on the floor. I do want and need a few amenities, not luxury.

  3. It's not easy making a big purchase like that when you're not exactly on the same page. As for the lack of, some things were invented for a reason, lol. Besides if you have a well & convert over to solar you can live off the grid without having to sacrifice a quick hot shower.
    Technically since you're the one who has to buy it, build on it, prepare it, maintain it, & deal with it while he's riding the rails...make him compromise :D

  4. Lamb,

    Running water is a good thing and a functioning bathroom. Were all getting older and having to run out to the old out house in the middle of the night in extreme cold temperatures with snow gets to this old woman.
    Good luck house shopping, maybe your Darlin' Man will give in on a few things :-)


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