Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting Stronger...Because I HAVE To!

My recovery is going well. I tire out MUCH faster, but I am pushing myself as hard as I can because there is way too much to get done!

The Darlin' Man left on the 23rd and I miss him so much. We stay in touch by email and phone, but it's not the same. Our new motto is *Onward and Upward*....both of us have things we have to do to get to our goals and we are both determined to get everything we need accomplished.

I have been down-sizing.
We are now down to:
4 chickens and 1 rooster
3 ducks
5 goats (Lilac, Champagne, Clarabelle, Charlie, Nip and Nora) Nikki has been sold (deposit on her with the rest to be paid when they pick up)
4 alapacas
That's it. I hope to sell Nip this week.
Our feed costs have gone way down. I had to buy hay this week and after a gazillion calls, I finally found someone that would sell me 10 bales. It will be around the middle of April before hay is available again at a decent price.

Packing starts this week. I plan on going room by room, packing up all non-essentials. Also, I am going to toss out all the accumulated *stuff* that no one has any need of. The trash man is gonna hate me!
Also...doing LOTS of laundry. I want to wash everything before packing it. Do you have any idea how many uniforms a guy can manage to store up in 23+ years of military service? ACCK!

Well, back to it, I guess...Onward and Upward!


  1. I so understand about going through things. I did this about 2 1/2 years ago from a much larger house to a smaller one in another state. I worked for a year. Scary stuff. Amazing what can lurk in closets, drawers, under beds, ahem. Even after lightening the load and coming to a smaller home I have purged more items and can feel more freedom. The reward is worth it keep on!

  2. Good luck & keep gett'n stronger!

  3. Lamb,

    Glad to hear your getting better and your man was back in town.
    Packing......oh the fun!!!

    Onward and Upward my friend!!!!

  4. Moving just in time for summer, lol, but by fall you'll be settled in & it will taste so sweet. Take it easy on yourself, good to hear you're still mending.
    At least your man being away is something you're both familiar with, if not happy about.
    Good luck with the packing,just remember it will be unpacked somewhere NOT in Texas :D

  5. Moving is always a pain. I hope it goes smoothly for you.


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