Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Feeling Better

Well, the most miserable part of my illness is past (or so I've been told).
Recovery will take a bit....3 to 6 months. Three months being MY estimate, six months being the medical folks estimate.
I have lost 40 pounds. I was chunky anyway, so I could easily afford the loss. My appetite is either non-existent, or *weird*. Weird as in I can only eat 10 grapes before I am full, a slice of toast suffices for dinner, eggs smell strange to me, as does rice, as does pasta, heck, just about every food smells weird or *feels* weird in my mouth or the flavor is all turned around.
I am weak and tire out very easily.
So, because of that, we are selling off some of the critters. This will also reduce feed costs and transportation to our new place.
So far, we have sold the turkeys, the geese, all the ducks except 3---and we are selling Drake and Daphne next week. Gabby the goat and Nola the goat and Lilac's boy, Lenny are leaving this weekend. Nikki has been sold, but we are holding her for her new owner until they have a pen built. Also, this weekend, we are selling the remainder of the male baby goats...except Charlie, who we have decided to keep. Charlie just never grew! He is just a teeny bit larger than when he was born.
This will leave us the alpacas, Lilac, Champagne, and the babies: Nora, Clover and Clarabelle. And Charlie, of course.
OH! We also sold all but five of the chickens (yes, we kept Cab the rooster). And we are planning on selling all the peafowl.
The Darlin' Man is leaving for railroad school on Sunday morning. The next time we see him, we'll be in a new place in New Hampshire.
I have to go pick out and buy our new place in May. Very scary for me to do all this on my own!


  1. Lamb,

    I'm glad to hear your starting to feel a little better. Gosh, I had no idea you were sick, I've been away from the computer off and on taking care of my mom who had surgery after dad passed away.

    Great to hear you have found a place in New Hampshire, and your husband is finishing up school this Sunday. I know you will be excited to all be in the same location.

    Don't work to hard, remember you have kids to help you. Take care of yourself.

    1. The Darlin' Man is STARTING school will be about 6 weeks, then on-the-job-training for 6 months.He will get his first vacation when he has worked for the railroad for ONE YEAR.
      Yup, when he leaves, it will be a year until we see each other again. We are viewing it as a deployment (we are used to those!)

  2. You'll handle things fine, more worried about your health than anything else. Just don't get so busy with the move that you forget to take care of yourself. Wish I was there to help you.

  3. You have my permission to get better! I know you don't know me and I don't know you but - still, get better!

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