Saturday, November 30, 2013


Ya'll might have noticed the picture at the top of my blog.
I put it there for a reason.
I am a Revolutionary.
The government and corporations (that control a lot of the government) made me that way.
I never intended to be a Revolutionary...I sorta got pushed into it.
And here's the sad fact...MOST of us are Revolutionaries.
Here's how to tell if you are one, too:

If you plant a garden to use for your own food, you are a Revolutionary.
If you save seeds.
If you use non-hybrid seeds.
If you raise livestock or chickens.
If you butcher your own meat.
If you raise chickens for their eggs.
If you use compost and/or manure on your garden instead of chemical fertilizers.
If you buy or consume raw milk.
If you buy direct from farmers.
If you shop farmers markets.
If you buy Organic.
If you sew/knit/crochet/quilt, not just as a *hobby*, but to clothe yourself or your family.
If you insist on *buying American* as much as possible.
If you *shop local* and avoid the *big box* stores.
If you don't eat *fast food*.
If you homeschool.
If you do not vaccinate.
If YOU control your medical care and seek out alternative treatments.
If you own a firearm.
If you reload.
If you vote Independent or Third Party.
If you hunt/fish/trap for the table, not for trophies.
If you run a home-based business.
If you vote thoughtfully, investigating each candidates voting records, personal philosphy, etc.
If you live in a rural area by choice, expecially if you left the 'burbs or city to do so.
If you can work on and maintain your vehicles yourself.
If you avoid GMO foods.
If you avoid all artificial sweeteners.
If you do not believe the government, hook, line and sinker.
If you do not believe all the ads.
If you do not own a *smart* phone.
If you read actual books and own actual books. (Kindle and Nook do not count)
If you are making sure your children can write in *cursive*.
If you have 3 or more kids.
If your kids have more board games than electronic games. (and play with them!)
If your kids work for their allowance.
If you have read the Constitution and know your rights.

Feeling Revolutionary yet?
What have you done this week that's Revolutionary?
Any more Revolutionary acts you can think of?


  1. I checked off most of these! I too am a Revolutionary!
    Excellent Post!!!

  2. I've been a revolutionary all my life, and so were my parents and what's more, my husband and I have been raising five more revolutionaries! Vive La Revolucion! (Or something like that!)

  3. Guilty as charged. If being free is something to be guilty of that is. Funny thing. The gas company representative was here yesterday for his annual visit. Had our usual conversation about how it's impossible for us to use no gas since October. Of course we had this conversation standing next to my 66 Chevy one ton. Maybe the cord of black cherry firewood sitting on the back of the truck was the answer to his questions. Maybe the ax, splitting maul, or chainsaw that were right there was the answer. A tank of gas in the truck and maybe another gallon or two for the chain saw are all the energy inputs our house needs from October to April. I guess now days that is revolutionary.


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