Friday, November 22, 2013

And, Finally, RETIRED!

The Darlin' Man is retired after 23 and a half years in the military.
There were some ceremonies and gifts, a couple of combat medals that finally caught up with him, a barbeque, a new i.d. card...and he was done.
He doesn't refer to himself as retired, rather, he refers to himself as unemployed. And he is determined to change that status as soon as possible.
So, in his usual gung-ho manner, he has attacked his unemployed status as a battle. His first week out of the military he sent out 70 job applications. Most of them online.
(That explains my absence from the keyboard here)
So...hoping he finds something he likes soon! He wants to work for the railroad, so if anyone out there has an *in* with Amtrack, CSX, or any other railroad type employment...let me know!
House search:
We talked at length with the realtor in New Hampshire....the Darlin' Man is going to fly up there, either in December or January, to look at about 10 different properties. Although we think we know which one we want, he wants to keep options open and I will trust his judgement. (Good heavens! Did I just say that about the man who can't walk through the feed store without a chaperone?!?)
I'll post if/when he finds something!
Puppy report:
I have found homes for both the pups. They are adorable, cute and roly-poly....but we have ENOUGH dogs! They will be loved and well taken care of in both homes. They are only 3 and a half weeks old, so we will have them a bit longer.
Bingo is the ferocious little growler, but Jingo wins most of their fights. Both love to snuggle and follow me around when they can't find their mama. Their mama usually hides on the couch to get a break from them.
Snow is predicted for this weekend. YAY!!!! I'll get to play in the snow!


  1. Congrats to your man on his retirement, & here's to him finding something he enjoys before he drives you insane ;)
    Good luck with the house hunting, you guys will find something that's just what you need. And look at the upside, with him doing the search, it'll come already stocked :D
    Just think, pretty soon you'll have all the snow & cold you can stand.
    (btw, you can keep any snow you get till xmas, I don't want to see any until then) :)

    1. The snow was....meh. In Missouri they would call it a *dusting*. In Montana, they would call it a *light frost*. freaked people out, lol!
      The Darlin' Man is already driving me nuts! He wanders around the house trying to *find ways to economize*. Like I don't already run this place so frugally that every nickel screams for mercy!
      As for him finding us a house....sigh...His idea would have us in a one room cabin with me cooking over an open fireplace! (Of course, my idea would have us in a lushly appointed Victorian mansion....heh-heh)

    2. I remember getting a dusting in GA & the schools/businesses closed, I couldn't stop laughing. Now people here getting stuck back in the "blizzard" of '11, that was snow. Once you've seen snow in South Dakota, nothing else quite compares.
      As for the railroad, I wish him luck. He might try starting off on a transport crew & go from there, get a foot in the door anyways. I'll ask Bill, he hauled the rail crew for a while & might know some tricks to getting in faster.
      As for the house....can't blame you there, Victorian over cabin any day :D Our dream right now is just to be able to get off the grid some day soon.
      Good luck, & Happy Thanksgiving in advance! ♥

  2. my sincerest congratulations on his retirement! thank him from me for his service to our great country. good luck in his next career choice. the rat

  3. Lamb,

    Congratulations to your husband 23 years in the military, that's great. My hubby had 20 years and now works on contract with the post office.

    I hope all goes well with finding your new home and your hubby finds a job he will enjoy.

    1. I have encouraged the Darlin' Man to check out the post office...but he is determined to work for the railroad....ANY railroad. A boyhood dream and all that.

  4. Congratulations to the Darlin' Man on his retirement from the military, and please thank him for his service.


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