Saturday, February 16, 2013

Up to Eight Kids Now!

Gabby finally kidded the day before yesterday. One boy, one girl. We named them Gabe and Ginny.
Gabe looks EXACTLY like his mama, but Ginny looks like Nola's little ones.
Pictures of all the goatiness at Frippery Farm these days:
Gabby cleaning off her newborns

Lucky and Leo and Baby romping

Gabby ALWAYS cleans their ears

Wobbly first steps

Tabitha learning how to sit and stay DESPITE all the excitement!

Yin looking around

Yin taking it easy while Yang gets ready to plop down beside him

Nate says "Phooey! I'm still the cutest!"

Gabby is an excellent mama goat. Her wee ones were jumping and cavorting within 5 hours of birth! Gabby's kidding went extraordinarily well. Unlike Champagne, who yells her head off throughout, Gabby gave one loud bleat and by the time I got out there with my "kidding kit", she had already delivered both of them!
So...that leaves the lovely Lily....who has not yet kidded. She is being a wonderful Grandma Goat to Lucky and Leo, though. She cuddles them, herds them back to Mama Lilac when they wander off too far and guards them at night so Lilac can get some much needed rest. I just hope Lily isn't "burnt out" on caring for kids when her own get here!

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  1. What cute babies and good moms. Love the sweaters!
    Nancy@ Little Homestead in Boise


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