Friday, February 22, 2013

I SWEAR it Was the Goats Fault!

It was, really! I was offline for a few days because Lily, our lady-in-waiting doe, decided to chew through our cable!
No internet, no t.v., no phone. (We have that magic jack phone)
Lily STILL hasn't kidded, but she has now been confined to one of the goat pens to await the event.
The baby goats are all fine and frisky. I have already made a deal to sell Yin and Yang to a neighbor and I am pretty sure I have buyers for the rest of the males. That's a good thing!
The two girl kids we hope to add to our herd, Nikki and Ginny, are doing well, although Nikki seems a little thin. I have tried giving her supplemental bottles, but she turned up her cute little nose at them.
Since the does had all their kids within such a short time span, I plan on starting their milking on the same day....well, except for slowpoke Lily!
Lily was the last one to kid last time, so I guess she likes the special anxiety she causes me by being so far behind the others!
I am looking forward to milking. Fresh goats milk, cheese, cajeta, butter, cream....wonderful!
I am currently scouring craigslist and ebay and everywhere else to find a manual cream separator at a reasonable price. I have ordered my cheese cultures.Gotten a new milk bucket.
I am so ready to be milking again!

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