Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remember Sweet Little Nola?

Our sweetie pie of a doeling...well, not much of a doeling now.
Here is how Nola used to be:
D' cute!

Nola is all grown up and today....

A boy and a girl! We named the boy Nate and the girl is Nikki.
Nola did well for her first kidding. I had to help Nate a bit, but Nikki slid out  with hardly a push from Mama Nola. Nate is a bit bigger.
The funny thing is, we were uber careful not to let Bruno, the Boer that Roy put in with our older does, get within 50 feet of our two younger does, Nola and Lilac...yet both got pregnant!
How did this happen?
Well, on the other side of the fence lived a small dwarf buck named Paul....the markings on Nola's kids look exactly like Paul. The only thing we can figure out is Paul managed to accomplish this feat through a chain link fence. (of course, Nola HAD to cooperate!)
Talk about determination!
I am thankful that the kids are smallish, as Nola is a small doe and we were worried about how she would handle kidding. She did just fine and seems to be delighted with her new babies.
Lilac looks like she will go into labor within 24 hours. As do Lily and Gabby....
Busy week!
(sorry about the crappy pics...The Boy took them with a camera he got for a present from the Darlin' Man for Christmas. It's one of those "Go Pro" cameras that do videos and stills. I do NOT recommend them)

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  1. Congratulations on the new babies, their adorable!!!

    You're going to be a very busy woman :-)


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