Thursday, February 7, 2013

Goaterade Recipe

I mentioned in a previous post that I give my does "Goaterade" soon after kidding...
Here's the recipe:
1 gallon warmish (not hot) water
1/2 cup molasses (I use the brand Brer Rabbit Molasses)
1 scant teaspoon sea salt
2 tablespoons baking soda
Mix everything well and then offer to doe after kidding (within 1 hour, sooner if you can)

I know other people have their own recipes and some people may say my Goaterade isn't "right", but I have used it for the whole time I have had goats. I got the recipe from an elderly lady that has raised goats for 30+ years. Never knew her to lose a doe after kidding, so I figured it was a good recipe!
Most of my girls will suck down the entire gallon when it is offered! Hey, kidding is hard work for them!
Also, when one of my does is having tummy troubles (usually brought about when they overeat grain...which can kill a goat) I  increase the baking soda to a full cup and offer it to the ailing doe. It really helps!

Also, my girls LOVE the taste of that molasses!


  1. Thank you... gonna mix some of this up for our ewes when they deliver.

  2. Have you used blackstrap molasses? It has a ton of iron in it. :)


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