Monday, January 7, 2013

Those Pesky Resolutions!

Having thought it out some more, I have finally come up with some resolutions...but not the ones people normally make. You know the "lose weight, learn Chinese, run a triathlon" stuff.

First and foremost, I am going to eat more consciously.
I have noticed more and more during the past year that certain foods have a bad effect on me. The Darlin' Man took me grocery shopping a couple of months ago and we stopped for "fast food". I was mildly ill the rest of the day AND all night into the next day.
A few weeks later, I bought a rare treat for me...a package of potato chips. Same effect the fast food had on me, only not as harsh.
After reading the ingredients on the back of the chips and making a call to a couple of fast food places and looking up their websites and checking their ingredients, I discovered the culprit:
Canola Oil aka Rapeseed oil, one of the most GMO'd items on the market (after corn).
Most fast food places use a mix of peanut, canola and corn oil in their fryers and on their grills.
The potato chips were fried in a combination of peanut and canola oil.
Because corn is highly GMO'd, I have avoided it as much as possible. I use olive oil, a little peanut oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and occasionally, lard.
But I never realized how much canola oil was sneaking into my house!
So, I have redoubled my efforts in reading labels.
I cook/bake almost everything from scratch, so I am able to control (for the most part) the food my family gets and the ingredients of said food. I consider it my responsibility to put the most healthful food I can on the table.
Besides my diet, I am going to try to get in better condition, physically. If I lose weight, fine. If I don't, fine. I just want to be in better condition!

My other big resolution is to try to educate and help more of my family, friends and neighbors in *prepping*.
The more people that are prepared, the fewer that will need` assistance in case there is a natural disaster or other situation.

So, now that those pesky resolutions are out of the way, I need to go rake out the alpaca pen!
Hope everyone out there is having a good start to 2013!    


  1. I'm not surprised that it made you ill. When Silver and I got off of soda anytime we have something with HFCS makes us ill for days. This being due to the way we shop nothing we eat at home has this in it. So I wonder if the substance after it leaves your body makes you ill. What is it doing to our bodies in general?

    1. I think it is a combination of HFCS and the fact that almost all prepackaged foods are from GMO'd sources now.

  2. Fast food has so many chemicals and bad things for our bodies. I have the same problem, when I'm done eating it takes less than 15 minutes, and I am paying the price of buying the garbage I just bought. It makes me ill the entire night and sometimes the next day. I'm very careful when I do eat out, most of the times I cook at home from scratch.

    Can you use the alpaca poo as fertilizer? Is it as good as rabbit or chicken?

    1. Alpaca poop is terrific fertilizer! Composts very quickly!
      Like you, I really can't tolerate fast food anymore.

  3. Happy New Year! And the Alpaca's are great.
    I don't eat Fast Food as I don't like the way I feel afterwards. And although I love the potato chips and corn chips, I no longer eat them. I hadn't eaten Lays potato chips for a couple of years and bought a bag. First off they no longer taste the same, and not for the better. Second I don't like the feelings afterward.
    This is a list of the major Companies that along with Monsanto and Syngenta that were bankrolling the fight against Prop 37 passing in CA. I am now boycotting all of these Co.'s and their products.
    Coke and Pepsi are both on this list. Fortunatly
    Coke no longer tastes good to me.
    Oh, and the Alpaca dung will be great for your garden, just like the Rabbit. No composting requirred.

    1. I compost the alpaca poop anyway. I have found that it hastens the composting of the other ingredients in my compost pile!
      I am with you on the Lays Potato Chips. They taste weird now and are the chips that messed my stomach up!


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