Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Post of 2013....and Changes!

I am trying to fix up my blog a little, so you may notice some changes here and there!

So, what has the first week of 2013 brought me?

Alpacas, of course! And, yes, I am reading up on them furiously!
I confess, I am now suffering (gladly) by the onset of  "Alpaca Love".
It's a lot like "Goat Love", except, you know...Alpacas! They are so cute and fuzzy and have these quirky personalities,,,and yes, they are adorable. Total SQUEEEEEEEEE moment when you pet them!
I have discovered that they will approach me and be generally friendly when I wear my two tone green jacket. HOWEVER, when I wear my identical jacket that is white and gray, they scamper to the back of the pen with a "Get it away!" attitude.
Fashion critics, hmph!
Also, hair in braids, okay, hair in a ponytail...not so much.
Like I said, quirky.
Still no buyers for the sheep, so I guess I will lower the price on them, even if we take a bit of a loss.
We had SNOW Thursday night and into Friday.
I loved it!
Of course, that put me in the minority here among the humans here at Frippery Farm!
I love the snow, I love winter in general.
The dogs, alpacas and sheep and goats were just fine with the snow. The dogs loved racing around in the yard in the scant 2 inches we got. The ducks, Daphne and Drake were totally confused. You see, sometimes when I make popcorn and we don't eat it all, I toss it to the ducks, who really love it.
The ducks saw the big flakes of snow drifting down and I guess their little ducky brains thought "POPCORN" and they ran around the pen trying to catch as much as they could in their little bills.
Poor things...although I admit I laughed at them. Then I felt so guilty I made them a small batch of popcorn to make them happy.
Christmas/Yule was wonderful...I got a huge camp dutch oven, a shotgun and some lovely smelling bath stuff and lotion. We had a real live tree this year (finally!) and I was able to get the Darlin' Man out of his "Grinch" attitude for once . (Christmas is NOT his favorite holiday, he hates the commercialization, etc., plus has some bad memories from childhood Christmases)
I finally finished a quilt for my grandson and sent that to him, along with a scarf and a python skin bag I made for his mom, and  I bought some silly novelty shot glasses for his dad (my son) as his dad loves those things.
The fella got another firearm he had been dreaming of and ammo to go with it, which always makes him happy!
The Girl got books, mainly, plus some other things she had asked for and The Boy got the small video camera he had been begging for. My son got clothes and a video game. I made a python skin guitar strap for one of my sons back east, and a lovely wrap/scarf for his girlfriend. So, a little of this and that to everyone, some home made, some not.
I got EVERYONE underwear and socks...which makes me look like a party pooper (HAH!), but, honestly, I do most of the laundry and I know when they need new socks and underwear!
No New Years Resolutions yet...I figure I have until the end of January to make official ones.
As far as my blog. I am going to go more into prepping and food storage this year. We gave bulk bags of rice and beans for presents this year, as we are trying to make more of our friends and families aware of the sensibility of food storage and prepping.


  1. Soooo....was this another "Feed Store Acquisition"?
    They are darned cute :)
    I like the idea of the bulk rice / beans for presents! Too bad most of my family would just think it was for feeding the birds or the deer.

    1. Nope, not a *feed store* purchase! Actually, Roy (the animal guy) called the Darlin' Man and told him he could get him an alpaca (which he knew the Darlin' Man wanted) for *only* $500. Roy made the mistake of telling him where the farm was (general area). So, we drove out there ourselves, found the owner and found out he was selling his alpacas for $250 a piece because he was moving in the near future. So, we bought our three and when Roy called back, we told him "Naw, we're good".

  2. I know no one is suppose to do this, but know of anyone that can sell me raw goat milk to make fresh chevre? All I can find is ultra-pasturized and it wont work.


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