Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, What Do You Know.....

The Darlin' Man went to church Sunday and afterwards went to lunch with church friends at a local buffet type place. While there, SURPRISE!!!, he ran into Roy the Animals Guy's FATHER. The guy who owned the female goat and then suddenly didn't own the same goat....?
Yeah, him.
Well, the Darlin' Man got to talking with Roy Senior and found out a few things.
While he was doing that, I talked to some folks that live  in our neighborhood and also had dealings with Roy.
Turned out he had lied to everyone, including his own dad.
Never told his dad he was keeping his animals out here. His dad had 4 turkeys for sale and Roy told him the most he could get for the four together was 100 bucks....offered US the turkeys for $270.....said he "wasn't making any profit" on them. Bought some chickens from one neighbor for 5 bucks a piece, sold them to his dad for 20 a piece...telling him that was what he paid for them...
And so on and so forth....

I wish I hadn't been so patient with Roy and hadn't bit my tongue over and over again as I didn't want to upset the Darlin' Man as he was friends with Roy.

Anyway...Roy Senior and the Darlin' Man made a deal on the, not for 270. It was for 150. Fair price for both parties.
The Darlin' Man did not tell Roy Senior about his son's shady dealings. He says he will save that information for when it is appropriate.

Oh...the little goat that triggered my telling Roy to leave the property?
She belongs to Roy Senior, seems HE picked her up in New Mexico along with the male goats for Roy, Jr.
Of course, he told his dad she had died....

The Darlin' Man came home with SIX turkeys....Roy Senior had a couple of *extras*. But he sold the whole package....6 full grown turkeys, for $150.00. Four toms, two hens.


  1. It appears that young Roy, needs to learn his lesson. I surely would never work with him again. I'm happy to hear about the turkeys, your husband was able to get a great deal

  2. Glad that Roy Senior seems to be a much more honest man....too bad his son has no morals.

  3. I've run into my share of "Roy's" in my lifetime. It's better that you have just cut all ties with him.You sure don't need "his kind" in your life.
    What an awesome deal on the turkeys! Congrats!!!


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