Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bye-Bye Roy the Animal Guy!

Well, that little partnership is kaput!
Thursday afternoon, Roy the Animal Guy brought over some more chickens and decided to build a pen *just* for HIS animals, as in his lambs, his goats. Okay, no problem with that.
BUT during a discussion before he built his pen, he told me he had sold Desi, (I originally named her Jeannie), a small female goat I had bottle fed and raised.
Initially, when Roy had brought 4 baby goats over here, 2 of which needed to be bottle fed, his story was:

His dad had traveled over to New Mexico and bought all four of the goats. Three of the goats...male...were Roy's goats. The little female goat was his dad's, as his dad had paid for it, along with driving over to pick up the goats, paying for the gas, etc.
I told Roy at that time that we had a deal with him not his dad and his father would have to pay us for the care and feeding of the little female goat. Roy said he would pass that along to his father.
We discussed this several times over the almost three months I cared for and fed Desi.
Thursday, Roy sat on our back patio and told me that the little female goat was now HIS as his dad owed him money and he had arranged to sell Desi. I told him "No, Desi is MINE until you pay for her care and feeding. She stays HERE."
Roy insisted that HE owed NOTHING for the milk and then the hay and feed we had provided for Desi. He said his dad owed that. I called Bullshit and said Roy now owed the debt.
Then Roy committed the cardinal sin.
He told me HE picked up the goats in New Mexico and Desi had been his goat from the start.
I told him that was NOT what he told me initially. He told me "Oh yes, I told you from the start she was my goat."
I called the Darlin' Man and the Girl outside, told Roy to shut up and asked them each if they remembered what Roy had told us about the goats ownership.
They both remembered what Roy had initially said about the goat being his dad's.
I then asked Roy again...who bought the goat originally and whose goat it was.
He repeated that HE bought her and she was HIS goat and he owed NOTHING for her care and feeding.
I looked at him, told him that Desi was staying precisely where she was and that I did NOT appreciate being lied to.
I came back in the house.
Ten minutes later, I heard Desi screaming bloody murder and went out and saw Roy putting her in his newly constructed pen.
"Is that Desi?" I yelled out.
"Yes", replied Roy, "She's MY goat!"
I then yelled over to him; "Okay, then take Desi and take ALL your animals and get them off this property RIGHT DAMN NOW!"
So, Roy spent the next few hours getting all his animals off the property, and, from what I understand, temporarily housing them in his one bedroom apartment until he finds someone else who will let him use their land.
2 adult goats, 3 four month old goats, 4 peafowl, 2 guineas, 4 ducks, 100 chickens & roosters, 50 pigeons, 50 doves and 2 ram lambs.
Good luck with that, Roy.

Today the Darlin' Man and The Girl deconstructed all of Roys pens (which looked horrible, anyway) and stacked all the building supplies from the takedown so Roy can easily pick all of his stuff.

It wasn't that Roy refused to pay for the goats care and feeding. It was that Roy straight-up lied to avoid having to take responsibility. That is the main reason I kicked him off the property.
Lying to me like that was the final straw. It made me realize that if he would lie about that, he would lie about everything else in our little business partnership and had probably lied to us before.
I could not tolerate that.

So, it was a lot quieter this morning when I went out to feed. Very peaceful.


  1. You have put with a lot of 'stuff' from him for several months. You are a generous person with a very kind heart and I am glad all this extra work, expense and aggravation is out of your life now. I know you will miss the animals, but they came with quite a bit of baggage, Roy!
    Sorry you had to go through all this, but glad it's over. <3 'NoAm'

  2. I know I don't really know the whole story, but I was kind'a weary of good ol' Roy from the start. A person who keeps getting livestock without concern for their welfare (except for getting good-hearted people like you to take care of them), is a somebody I wouldn't want to deal with. What kind of person thinks they can house all those animals in a one bedroom apartment??
    Goodbye Roy.

  3. Lamb; I am sorry that you lost Jeannie (with the dark brown hair) but I am glad that Roy is gone. I knew that this would be coming but I believe that you allowed this because he was friends with "The Darling Man."
    There is a direct correlation to Roy's lying and his deportment in life.
    Now you can spend more energy on your family li8fe and finding that homestead in Vermont.

  4. Considering all you have lost through this helpful endeavor, I think I would take him to small claims court and turn him in to the land lord of his apartment. You must be a more generous and much nicer person than me.

  5. Lamb,

    I'm happy that you stood your ground with Roy. He just didn't sound like an honest man. Someone who lies about the ownership of an animal will more than like lie about other things.

  6. I have learned things the hard way, in similar situations. Give him a deadline to get the stuff off your place or tell him it's gone too.

  7. Oh Lamb, i can so relate. My homeless survivalist farm visitor was a champion liar too. It's so depressing that you can't help anyone without having it turn into some disaster. No good deed ever goes unpunished.

  8. Lamb,

    Good for you. I agree with others that Roy didn't sound like someone you should be dealing with. Life's lessons learned the hard way.


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