Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Farmstead Happenings

Well, I posted all the comments I received on my last post, and , sure enough, a couple were political in nature.
Here is what I basically believe:
It's rigged.
The "powers that be" will make sure that whatever puppet they deign appropriate for their purpose will sit in the Oval Office.
No use arguing about it, no use getting upset about it.
Just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
That's about all any of us can do.
And that's the end of political discussion from me.

In other news here...
One of the pups opened her eyes today. She did this while being held by The Girl. The pup, startled by the light (or perhaps her first sight of a human), started screaming her wee head off! Of course, Baby (mama dog) got very concerned and The Girl returned the pup to her care for comfort and consoling.
All the pups are fat and wriggly now.

Ugly Betty is still setting the peafowl eggs. Yesterday she kicked one out of her nest and I found it had gone bad. Really, really bad. So, I figured this little experiment was a bust.
Today, I pulled one of the eggs still remaining from under Betty and cracked it open.
There was a chick inside.
Fortunately, the chick seemed about to hatch anyway and was chirping and kicking. So, I have put it in a box lined with hay and a soft cloth, sitting on top of the heating pad. All that on the kitchen table. I checked a few minutes ago and the wee chick is still alive and chirping and kicking.
I am not going to disturb it anymore....just let it fight it's way out of the shell and hope it survives the night.

Yesterday evening, Skillet, our female bunny gave birth to 5 baby bunnies! We were a bit surprised, as she had not been evidencing any nesting type behavior and hadn't changed in size in any noticable manner.
We rapidly moved T-Bone, the male, into a separate cage. Today I saw that Skillet had finally made a little nest for the babies. I haven't seen her nursing them or snuggling with them, so I don't know how well this is going to work out. Tonight, all five baby bunnies are still alive and squirming.
I know VERY little about the care and feeding of a nursing mama bunny. So, I am doing a lot of reading today and tonight. Any suggestions and/or tips on the bunnies will be GREATLY appreciated!

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