Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Morning...

I woke up this morning to find Bruno, the buck goat Roy bought, was dead.
Apparently Bruno got in a head-butting contest with the little dwarf-mini buck our neighbor has. They head-butted through the fence. The neighbors wee buck has a busted scalp and was bleeding, but Bruno got a horn hooked into the fence and, we guess, tried so violently to free himself that he snapped his own neck.
So, I called Roy and when he got here, the Darlin; Man borrowed the neighbors pick up and together they took Bruno way out into the desert. Bruno was left for the coyotes.
So...we are searching for a new breeding buck.

The wee peachick from the cracked egg died. I am not checking anymore of the eggs Ugly Betting is setting.

Good news today is that Skillet the rabbit is taking very good care of her babies. One is solid black, one is solid white and the other three are black and white spotted.
I will be taking pictures later today to post.


  1. Bruno most of really been yanking hard on the fence to kill himself that way. I'm sorry to hear he did this. And then the little chick, omg..... I truly hope you have a better week :-)
    I hope you find another male goat soon for breeding.
    I look forward to seeing the cute little bunny pictures.

  2. Sorry to hear about Bruno and the peachick. But looking forward to bun-bun pictures :)

  3. So sad about Bruno... Testosterone and horns is a bad combination. Hope things start looking up.


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