Monday, August 20, 2012

Surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE!

...and I know some of you from my generation read the header in Gomer Pyle's voice!

Roy the animal guy surprised us by bringing by some albino peahens. These girls are gorgeous!
Pericles, our peacock, has entered his molting stage, but even he was impressed and enamored by this exotic peahens enough to flare up his slightly bedraggled tail and do his *booty dance*.  It must have worked, as two of the three albinos have now laid eggs. We are trying to incubate them, although my last effort at incubating was a complete failure. Wish me luck this time!

Another surprise...Baby, the stray pup we rescued last October....remember her?
Well, we checked her out when we got her, got the vet to do a quick scan for a microchip and there wasn't one. Baby had what looked like a scar from being spayed.
Turned out it was just a wrinkle in her skin.
That has REALLY filled out.
Yup, Baby is preggers. Due around the end of September.
I just hope the daddy is NOT the ugly Pekinese with the horrible under-bite that lives down the street. He is such an ugly little dog. I also hope the pitbull that lives on the next street did not somehow find a way to mate with little Baby! That could be disastrous!
Other neighborhood dogs that could be responsible include a toy poodle, a chihuahua, a yorkie and a few mixed terrier types.
I guess we'll see around the end of September!

Last surprise...the rain has continued. That old adage about El Paso "Yeah, it's hot, but it's a DRY heat" does not apply currently. Hot MUGGY days and nights. UGH!

Wish I could send my rain out to all of you in drought areas!


  1. Lamb,

    We would love to have some of your rain!
    Sorry to hear your dealing with muggy heat, that's no fun. Please don't send the muggy heat!!!
    Congrats on the Albino Peahens, I truly hope the eggs hatch for you bringing you new peahens. If they do,please take pictures. I would love to see them.

  2. Mutt puppies ... the BEST friends you can have. And yes, I got the Gomer Pyle reference.

    Any pics of the albino peahens? I think they are beautiful!

  3. Are the Albino Peahens Blue India's or Java Greens?
    Good Luck on incubating the eggs. I did get the Gomer Pyle reference.Speaking on that same subject "White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane (1966) has made it to elevator music here in CA. You know that you are getting older when You realize what Great music that they are playing at grocery stores.
    I had noticed on the news that El Paso was getting 90+ weather, and not 100+ (bit of a cold front).

  4. I second (or third) the request for pics on the new hens!

    As for the puppies, we'll all be waiting with you, so don't forget to let us in on "Who's your daddy"!


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