Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day Before Yesterday

The day before yesterday qualified as "one of those days".
The day before yesterday started out okay. I got up just as the sun was peeking on the horizon. The Darlin' Man had already left for work and everyone else in the house were still asleep, so it was quiet and peaceful.
I decided to do all the chores myself and let The Girl and my son sleep late.
All was going well until I walked into a tree branch while hauling the hay in our little wagon from the front yard to the back. OUCH! Nevermind, it'll be okay...and I continued on. Goats were fed and milked, chickens and other fowl fed and watered and our chickens turned out in the yard.
When I got in the house, The Girl was starting to stir, so I asked her to remember to feed her rabbits and water them. My reminder was greeted by the girl growling at me and stomping through the house as if I had requested she attempt some impossible task! My son was soon up and he also awoke in a furious mood. I asked him to help wire some chicken wire over our front gate to forestall any more escape attempts by the browsing goats and sheep. I went out and showed him how it needed to be done and then came back inside.
A few minutes later he came in bellowing about the ants biting him. (Yes, we have these vicious *bull* ants here, and their bite packs a wallop!) In the meantime, the girls temper was flaring like crazy and she was complaining about absolutely everything. So much for my peaceful morning!
I couldn't take anymore, everyone here has had such a negative attitude lately! So, I snapped. Yes, calm, peaceful, Zen me had a meltdown!
I told off both of them in no uncertain terms. I even threatened to pack up my old backpack and just walk away from the whole darn shootin' match!
Then the Darlin' Man came home in not the best of moods after taking The Boy in for school registration. The Boy had decided to go to a friends house and spend the night, so at least he was clear of the fallout zone!
I needed a few things from the store. I made a detailed list (I learned it had to be detailed for the Darlin' Man very early on!). The Girl went with him to the store.
A-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-d...they brought home the wrong items. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD A DETAILED LIST! Instead of the crispy light tortilla chips I needed to make my taco salad for dinner, they got tough, dry tostadas that tasted stale. Instead of chili powder, they got a "chili and garlic" seasoning. I fixed their darn dinner. I ate a bowl of popcorn. And went to take a shower. Ran out of conditioner. Came out and asked the Darlin' Man to order me some henna to cover the gray roots I currently have. (I don't use chemical dyes/hair coloring because of the massive health risks). He asked if I could buy it locally. I went online and checked Sally's to see if they carried it. Nope. Told the Darlin' Man. His comment was "Well, not much can be done, then." I snapped again. I calmly asked the girl if she could help me cut my hair the next day...back to my roots! Then I told the Darlin' Man he wouldn't have to worry about getting me henna as I was going to go ALL gray in one day! By cutting off ALL my hair! At that point, he panicked as he realized I had reached *that* point and would most likely actually cut my hair off.
He ordered the henna. Less than 30 bucks and will last me  a year.
For the record, I rarely ask for anything solely for myself. I usually only ask for things for the house or farm. Last item I asked for for myself was thread so I could finish some sewing projects...several of said projects were not even for me.

Yesterday was a lot calmer. I don't *snap* like that often...maybe once or twice a year. I have a tendency to let everything build up until one little thing causes everything to reach a tipping point.
I just wish EVERYONE would have less of a negative attitude here. Most days, I have a very positive outlook, but all these gloomy people keep dragging me down.
I try to tell everyone to look for the positive wonderful things around them. Even on a crappy day, I can usually find something positive or beautiful or wonderful. Sunrise or sunset, the way the chickens chase each other around the yard (so funny!), the little goats cuddling up to you when you go out to their pen. Find something funny or beautiful, etc.
And then be thankful for it.
Be thankful to have another day to enjoy, be thankful for the evening breeze, be thankful you are above the dirt, not below it!
Maybe it is because I have been very close to death on several occasions. I dunno.
I just love every single day and consider each one a gift.
Just wish others could feel this way.


  1. I would have gone ballistic at the henna comment. Sometimes I find it that those who are so accustomed to one being so "care-free" they don't realize how it takes a lot of willpower, energy and restraint to be like that. So when one who does not normally ask for something, then one day DOES want something, it is not wise or proper to deny said person.

  2. Lamb,

    I think keeping a positive attitude is fabulous advice. Be thankful to be able to get up and breathe every morning, have a life and just be.
    You have a beautiful day, and don't work to hard.


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