Monday, July 16, 2012

What a Way to Start the Week!

Well, Roy the animal guy brought by some more critters late last night.
FIVE baby goats! Four boys, one girl.
All bottle fed!
Yikes! So, I milked my goats this morning, brought the milk in and proceeded to bring in the babies, one by one, and bottle feed them their breakfast. Nothing as stinking cute as a baby goat, snuggled in your lap, wagging it's little tail as it drinks it's bottle.
Roy has already sold 3 of them so they will be gone within a few days. (Whew!)
I REALLY like the look of the little female. She is brown with white markings....I have already started calling her Jeannie...even though her fur is dark brown and not light brown.
Roy OWES me, I think! Maybe I can get her at a steeply discounted price?

I got fussed at by EVERYONE this past weekend. It seems that I assume/presume that EVERYONE is as competent as I am at basic stuff. I am not that gifted or talented in any one thing. I just know the bare bones basics about a lot of things....and I guess my assumption that EVERYONE can do all or most of the stuff I do is wrong. I also prefer to live in the present and for the future, not in the past, for the most part.
Apparently, not everyone has this ability, either.
The Girl was grousing about things that happened to her in years past, like when she was 6 or 8 years old and all the way up to her current *aged* state of 18 years old. Also, the Darlin' Man was telling me about a co-workers wife that constantly harps on things the guy did many years ago. 
SHEESH! I told the Darlin' Man AND The Girl that some people need to "get the heck over it". People cannot change the past. I said that if I wallowed in my past, I would end up in the fetal position rocking in the corner and whimpering. The Darlin' Man looked at me and said "That;s YOU. Not all people have the ability to roll with the punches and get up and keep fighting! Some people hold on to their past forever." I told him that it was silly and non-productive to live that way. He said he understood that, but to "cut others some slack" on that issue.The Girl, admittedly, had a rough time before she came to live with her dad, but I am trying to show her that she has so much JOY in her future and so many exciting new experiences awaiting her in the future that she NEEDS to kiss her past goodbye and get on with her life! She just got accepted at the college she wanted to attend (New England Culinary Institute in Vermont!) and will start next July. (YAY!!!)
Sometimes she holds onto the past so much and walks around in such a state of complete anger and fury that she cannot enjoy what is right in front of her. That saddens me. Her whole adult life is spread out before her, so much possibility! I just wish she could see it and enjoy it.

My son took me to task for my assuming that everyone should be able to figure out how to build a rabbit hutch, bake bread, cook from scratch, etc... He finally got his point across by asking me to type a couple of paragraphs on any topic in 2 minutes. I can't type. I hunt and peck. My son can type fast as lightening! Two paragraphs? HAH! He can type whole pages in two minutes! So, I guess my presumptions/assumptions need to shift somewhat. My bad.
So...gotta remember that not everyone can do everything that I can do. Also, that some people would rather wallow in the past than enjoy the present.
And gotta remember to negotiate the price of the wee doeling down with Roy!


  1. I completely understand where you're coming from on the whole get over it thing.
    It's hard to understand people who insist on holding onto every single wrong ever done to them like a cold wet knife.
    Some of it I'm sure is age & maturity, once you get to the point where you realize life is short & valuable, you see how all those old wounds only make it cheap & hurtful.
    Good luck on getting a discount for the doeling, after everything you've done to help him it would be nice if he gave her to you :)

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you as regarding letting the past go. Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
    Oh and I see that you are breaking the "Cardinal Rule" of No new animals until you move.
    Also the day (evening) after my last post about it never raining here in CA during the summer, it rained.
    I see that your son got his "smarts" from you.

    1. I know, I new animals...but the wee goat is just SOOOOOOO precious and cute!
      The rain here has finally slacked off, although we had a few sprinkles and a lot of lightening this evening.
      My son has *smarts* in a lot of things....but, like me, some of those things just come naturally. He types at super speed, started reading (adult Shakespeare) by age 6. He also has an intuitive nature with animals.

  3. The 18-yr-old needs to talk with someone, counselor, before going away to college to help her resolve a few things. She is hurting. A hurting child away from home might get led astray by the wrong people. Being emotionally centered helps us all choose wisely. Okay, I am a little off kilter, but

    I find I am very irritated with men who try to help me and have no idea how to do anything, or do it correctly without destroying something! I think that is a big failing of mine. But, how can an adult not know which way to screw in a light bulb? for 14 years!!!???

    Hey, where is the post about dehydrating tomato skins?

  4. As Cute as this one?


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