Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weird Weather Persists!

More rain.
We are apparently in some sort of monsoon season here.
For the past couple of weeks it has rained almost every day. More rain in one week than we had ALL last year!
The geese are very happy about this. The goats and the chickens...not so much.
We are mucking out livestock pens today. What a mess! Soggy hay, soggy manure, soggy everything!
The compost pile is growing by leaps and bounds, though.
More rain predicted this evening, so we are trying to get this done as fast as we can.

Roy the animal guy is slowing sneaking more critters out of his apartment to over here. He has built a few more pens and is filling them up. This morning he brought over rabbits, a couple of peahens and a few more chickens. We got all his chicks off the front porch and into a pen. He has a rooster out there too, Ugly Betty beat the crap out of the poor bird, so he is recovering from his injuries.
Roy also brought us a new baby goat to keep for a few days until he sold it. We called it Buster and kept him in with the lambs, as the goats were too rough with the wee thing. We also brought the buckling in the house a few times and got him used to people and tamed down. Roy found someone that wanted him...the same family that bought Cornelius and turned him into a *house goat*. They want another one to keep Cornelius company.

Looks like my trip to Vermont has been postponed until September. Financial constraints and some needed car repairs is going to break the budget in August.
Just gives me more time to plan and locate properties to look at! (Yup, silver lining, I look for it!)

Well, back to mucking out the pens...hope those that need rain get it...and those that don't need it don't get it.


  1. Send some of that rain this way, we could sure use it.
    Sounds like you're keeping plenty busy, sorry you had to postpone the trip.
    On the upside, maybe the wait will open a property that is "perfect" for you guys.

  2. We are Finally getting some hot weather (above 80*) here in CA. We don't get rain until Nov-Jan. I am sure the rain is needed where you are in El Paso. I have friends there and the mountains are beautiful.The floral display in the next few weeks is going to be rather stunning.
    I am really surprised that Roy didn't have a Camel.
    September is going to be a fantasic time for you to be exploring Vermont. The Libertarian/frugal nature of the people there is going to mesh with you perfectly.


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