Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Searching For Land

We are intensifying our search for land.
We know the area we want to buy in, we know the general amount of acreage we want.
We KNOW everything we want.
Problem is finding it!

Our *must have* list drives realtors crazy, lol!
 MUST haves:
1) Two sources of water on property. A well and a spring or a stream and a well or a pond and a stream, etc.And the water sources can NOT be "seasonal". We don't want a stream or creek to go dry in mid-summer just when we need it most for the garden or the livestock. Ideally, we would like a well, a spring and a pond...but dream on, right? As long as we are dreaming, we'd LOVE for the property to have a stream suitable to set up a micro-hydro power plant so we can be completely off-grid!

2) A mix of hardwood and open clearings.I do not want land that has been clear cut and then pines planted.We need open areas to expand for gardens, a hay field and grazing pasture for the livestock.

3) Land must be able to be certified as organic.That means NO CHEMICALS, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, etc, have been applied to the land within the last 20 years. Yes, we are picky.

4) Ideally, we'd like to have some hills on the property. Not HUGE hills, but neither I nor the Darlin' Man like completely flat land. I think having some hillsides to cut into to maybe put in a cheese cave or a mushroom growing area would be nice.

5) Be away from interstates or major highways by at least 20 miles.

6) Nowhere near a military base, nuclear power plant, chemical factory or other *target* or pollution source.

And that's just the top six.....
We have found a few places that we are giving serious consideration to, but are still looking.

Yeah, big wish list. How big is yours?


  1. jeesh...your list is a poor realtors nightmare - bahahahah! oh so sorry...but heck - they are used to "it must have a fireplace, it must have 3 bathrooms, it must have a fenced yard for the dog". your list is wonderful....but you are a realtors nightmare!!!

    your friend,

    1. I know, kymber! I thought we had found THE property, but it turned out that it had been clear cut about 12 years ago and replanted with pines.

  2. 5 acres, well, creek/spring, we're wanting to go solar, lots of trees, & a clearing big enough for a monstrous green house. Must be close enough to town for Hubby to feel connected & far enough away from one for me to feel private, specific huh? lol. Wish you luck in finding your dream property, & you could stop by & see us on your way through :D , I kind of miss you lady!

    1. Our minimum is 10 acres. And within our budget, that is hard to do! As for stopping in Mo. on our way through...that may be possible...
      You DO know we are taking most of our farm animals with us, right?

    2. Spot would have a royal cow! Luckily we've got a fenced in yard, they could get out & graze a bit :)


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