Monday, May 7, 2012

Pender Update and Other Things

Pender is fine and frisky this morning! He isn't crowing yet, but he is muttering to himself like he used to. I put him back out with the hens and Pender did what roosters do! He chased a half dozen hens around the yard until he caught them and mounted them. Definitely feeling MUCH better!
I am setting up to give the goat milking lessons. We needed to clean up the yard anyway, so it has been good motivation. Still have a lot of stuff to do in the front yard, but am moving forward on that.
I want to get 3 or 4 more patio chairs so participants can sit down while here.
I also want to build a small *prep* table to set various items on...the hoof knife, udder balm, etc.
The guy that I gave the milking class to and sold Max to is going to buy Gerte. He has to double check with his wife, but he thinks my price is more than fair and he knows my goats are healthy.
So, one less goat to feed...and now Gabby won't have Gerte tackling her to nurse every ten minutes!
I am getting the *itch* to rearrange the furniture again...dunno why, it just seems like a good idea.
Of course, I doubt anyone else will think it's a good idea!
Making orange cajeta today and Cherve cheese. When we move to the northeast, I GOTTA have my own cheese cave! That's about Number 181 on my "Gotta Have" list. I am quite sure my real estate guy is beginning to hate!
That's all for today...back to the grind! Besides cheese and cajeta, I am making butter today, AND, if I find the time, some chimmichurri.

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