Saturday, April 28, 2012

So Out Of The Loop....

I am hopeless, apparently.
I spoke to an old friend by phone last night, and in the course of the conversation she asked if  I had watched the latest season of a popular t.v. show. I told her I had "heard of that show", but had never watched it.
She was aghast.
I didn't watch the Academy Awards...I saw the names of the folks nominated and the movies...but the only movie I went out to see last year was "Contagion".
When I see a celebrity's name in the news...I usually don't know who they are talking about. I do know the name Kim Khardasian, but only because her family pimps out that girl everywhere. (And I read about her in that "Rent a Celebrity" story earlier this month)
I watch ONE network tv show...."Grimm". Fantasy escapism, but done well. I watch "Bones" and "House"...but in reruns on AMC, TNT and USA networks.And only watch if it is an episode I haven't seen yet.
I have even backed off on watching History Channel and stuff like that. Just don't have the time anymore!

The only young actress I know the name of is Mila Kunis...and that's because she was on "That 70s Show" and in "The Book of Eli". Lindsay Lohen...never saw anything she was in, but I saw many news reports about her court appearances.
Other than that, I don't know the name of anyone in "Young Hollywood".
I am so out of touch.
The Girl and The Boy in residence can name dozens of actors and actresses. They think it is funny that I have no clue about anything concerning "modern pop culture".
I am totally clueless.
I can't operate an i-pod, i-phone or whatever "i" thingie is most popular right now.
My video game expertise ended with Tetris.
I can't figure out lap top computers. I have the same old clunky desktop I have had for years.
Fashion? I am more liable to laugh at the latest fashions rather than want them.
Cars? Latest models don't impress me. I would rather have a beat up old pick-up from the mid 60s to mid 70s than any of the garbage I see out on the road. Everything on new cars is so computerized. Who can work on those? Remember changing the oil YOURSELF? Shade tree mechanics?
We have a clunky old tv in the living room. The Girl has a flat screen she got for Christmas last year, but I have no clue how to operate it. I mean, I understand the remote...up to a point.Off, On, Up and Down. Got that. Then there are "Video Input 1", and 2 and 3....and what the heck!?
The Oldest Daughter, away at college, has a Kindle or Nook thing.
Just give me a book! No off or on buttons, etc.
Even in the kitchen I don't go with modern appliance.
I use the microwave only about 2 or 3 times a reheat something.
No food processor. I do have a blender, though! But I use my mortar and pestle more.
I currently have a gas stove, but I daydream about having a wood stove again.
I think I was born in the wrong century.


  1. Lamb, i hear you. When it came to buy a new cell phone, i wanted a simple flip phone. I was out voted by the Mrs. When i do get to use the phone I want to use it for base ball. Youngest daughter had it figured out in like 30 sec.

    We are not into the latest gadgets like some. Yes we have a couple of lap tops, Oldest son has an iphone and a bill of $160.00 a month. While ours is touch screen it is only $45 a month.

  2. I think we must be lost cousins or something as I like you was born in the century. LOL Have a great weekend.

  3. i hear you, too. that constant texting thing that kids do with their phones these days drives me absolutely batty! we don't have regular tv but we do have netflix - we like being able to choose what we watch so that limits our exposure to the latest shows and whatnot - we're not interested in those kinds of shows. also, we washed all of our laundry by hand for a year but have since gotten a washer. now we have a washer, and use it in the winter. but the nice weather is back and i will go back to washing our clothes by hand in a big bin out in the backyard - i love it!

    your friend,

  4. Me too! We haven't watched broadcast or cable TV in almost 22 years. Our children have grown up without the latest whatever. When they are adults they make their own choices. Our current 15 yo is sad sometimes because he "doesn't fit in" but I believe he will be a better adult for not having been indoctrinated by the popular culture. So nice to know that there other kindred spirits around. Wish we all were neighbors.

  5. A few years ago we didn't own a TV. A cable company was expanding into our area and sending sales guys door to door. You should have seen the look on his face when I said we didn't own a TV. Priceless! We have a flat screen now and it is so complicated I can't work it. I have a very simple, cheap cell phone that isn't charged most of the time (to the greatest annoyance to my husband). I hate all this junk! I only like blogs and email!!!

  6. I know this has nothing to do with the post, but could you send me (or repost) your recipe for hummus? I've looked for it (I swear you've posted it before) but couldn't find it. Thanks, you're such an awesome cook & I'm missing something in mine, just can't figure out what.


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