Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey, Guys...Do You Know SciFi?

SciFi Chick is a very cool lady She is living the dream on her own little parcel of land in Oklahoma with her fella, Mars.
Here's her blog, Bacon and Eggs
But even when you are "living the dream", a nightmare can rear it's ugly head....and for her and Mars, it did.
Check out this blog from Kymber over at Framboise Manor
If you don't feel like clicking...I'll put the gist of it here:
 SciFiChick has been a very dear friend to me for years. years ago she was my canning partner!!! i learned with her how not to blow up quarts of tomatoes all over the stove and ceiling. for several years now, she has been to me a sweet friend, always filled with encouragement, always a smile on her face, always a source of much laughter.

she and her husband moved out to the middle of nowhere only a year ago. the progress that they have made since getting there is nothing short of amazing. and if you want to laugh your guts out - go and see this post about her "barn" - oh that one killed me and jambaloney!!! Sci and her husband, Mars, are no strangers to hard work!

but they need our help! they need our financial help!

a few days ago, Sci flipped their truck. she suffered a few minor injuries, but her dog, BB, who was riding in the back did not, PTL! Sci and her husband live on a small, fixed income and fixing the truck, and/or replacing the truck is not something that they can do right away. did i mention that they live out in the middle of nowhere, don't know any of their nearest neighbours (who are quite far away) and that the truck is their only form of transportation?

Sci - if i could, i would buy you and Mars a second-hand truck right now! but i can't. i can, however, hit the donate button on your blog and send you $25. i know that there are few others that follow this blog that can afford a $1, $5, $10, $15 or a $20 donation. i also know that some of my friends cannot afford a monetary donation and to those friends, i request that you keep Sci and Mars in your prayers - i know that you will!
SciFi had a wreck. She is okay, but that truck was their only transportation. If you have a few extra bucks laying around in your paypal account, donate! Let's get Scifi and Mars up and running again!


  1. Lamb - thanks so much for posting this! make sure to check out Sci's thank you post and be sure to read about more good news here:

    everyone's generosity has simply blown us all away! and all because a group of us bloggers came together to spread the word! you included!

    your friend,

    1. TOO COOL about MDR letting them have a truck to use! Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Ok, you gave me a great idea! I'm hosting an auction for her for a copy of Carla Emery's Country Living book!

  3. Oh Lamb, thank you so much for posting this here. I've been kind of "out of the loop" with my reading right now and am just catching up. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


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