Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship With Online Shopping

I do a lot of shopping online. Mainly for "prepping" type supplies I cannot get locally or goat supplies.
I prefer to "Buy American" and I have found I can find so much more American-made stuff online than in local stores.
I look around on Amazon, Ebay, Etsey, and sometimes just do a duckduckgo search for the desired item.
I LOVE finding obscure items that I couldn't find locally this way. I HATE it when the shipping costs are more than the actually item!
Ebay is one of my favorite places to shop. Right now, I am going there and to Amazon and several cheese-making sites to find my cheese-making supplies.
Still, I agonize.
I really want to shop local, but when no one local has the item I need at a reasonable price or doesn't have the item AT ALL, what can I do?
I am willing to pay a bit more locally for an American made product, but the products I need/want, I just can't find locally.
Cultures for cheese-making and cheese molds are not a regularly carried item around here, lol!
After I find an item I am looking for and it happens to be on Ebay...ugh!
I end up going back and looking at it several times before I click to bid or buy on it. If it is an auction, I end up checking the listing obsessively to make sure I am not outbid.If it is "Buy it now", I end up checking the mail obsessively until it gets here!
Drives everyone around here crazy, lol!
The fella finally went and bought a Soda Stream. I put it together, reading the directions DOES help.
It is easy to use, but the sound it makes scared the bejeebers out of the dogs!
The root beer flavor (we got samples with the machine) is outstanding! And made with sugar...no high fructose corn syrup! They have a lot of "natural" flavors.
But.....I am trying to get a bit more natural...so this morning I decided to make some flavors of my own....
(Yeah, I know you are thinking "Uh-Oh....")
We have a juicer. I decided to OMMPH up my morning juice with a bit of carbonation.
My carrot-pineapple juice...not bad.
Pomegranate-spinach, sweetened with a touch of honey...let's just say..... it needs work.
Real ginger with honey....REALLY good! Best ginger ale EVER!
I am sure I will have some more failures and successes... going to have to be careful with spinach in the future.
Also, if you get a Soda Stream...more carbonation than recommended...not a good idea.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a floor to mop.


  1. I do a lot of online shopping too for the same reason you do. I just can't get the stuff I need here. I love it.
    Have not heard of a Soday Stream. Weill have to look that up.

  2. LOL! About the mopping, not the frustrations in trying to find / buy local products as I hear ya. That's what we get for living in the boonies I guess.


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