Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Left the Back Door Open...

...and got some company!
Okay, Nola...out of the window! And stop chewing the curtain!

"The gang of three" playing on the couch

Nola checks out the view from the couch

It was all fun and games, until Baby (our chihuahua mix) decided to challenge Nola. Nola is the smallest of the baby goats, but don't let that fool you!
A leap off the couch and BAM!

Baby is definitely over matched in this fight! carpet needs a good vacuum and the goats knocked over a waste basket...but those things don't matter when you have baby goats romping around the house!


  1. Only a select, chosen, special few can say "Quit chewing on the curtains!" and have it directed to a goat. Without anyone else in the house thinking it's odd.

  2. who cares about the carpet - having those babies running around in the house - priceless!!! thanks for sharing!

    your friend,

  3. Lamb,

    The goats are so adorable, poor baby out numbered!

  4. haha so cute! Loved the goaty-fun in the lounge room! I only have cats and dogs doing terrible things to my curtains, and chooks doing even worse things to my back door-step!!

    cool pics :)


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