Monday, April 9, 2012

Get In Line, Ladies!

Quirky fowl behavior here at Frippery Farm!
The chickens have a coop with nesting boxes. Lovely coop, comfy boxes.
However, they all prefer to wait until I let them out of the coop and then they race to a spot behind the pallet we stack hay and feed on. They stand in line to lay eggs there! Oh, sure, I might find one or two eggs in the actual coop, but the girls consider this little area, wedged behind the feed pallet and a cinder block wall THE "perfect" spot!  One day last week, they deposited a total of a dozen eggs there!
A few eggs in the "perfect" spot

Gloria taking her turn

The line, with Pender being the bouncer. Dolores looks impatient!
The peafowl are breeding! Although Pericles is not fully mature (he is only about 2 1/2---3 years old, full plumage happens around 4 to 5 years old), he is doing his darnedest to impress his ladies!
"Check it out, Ladies!"

"Looks good, no? "

I think he got a bit tired out, lol!
And the ladies have responded! We now have a couple of peahen nests built by Persephone and Pandora...and Persephone's nest has eggs in it!
The weekend project of a new goose pen is complete:
Yes, a new home with a pool!
We went ahead and moved them in already. We carefully slid a large piece of  plywood under the nest and transported it intact to the new pen. Heloise and Xander LOVE their new pen...especially the pool! I think Heloise will continue to hatch her eggs, as she rearranged the nest and was setting the next morning.

So there's the fowl update this Monday morning!

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  1. My chickens have the same kind of "favorite" spot to lay their eggs; in the goat shed, on top of a small bale of hay, in the corner. And there is a waiting line. I think I may install one of those paper "take a number" machines like they have at the deli counter.


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